I don’t find Motherhood easy and I also don’t mind telling anyone that fact. I struggle to juggle the demands of business and writing and being a partner. I miss things, I drop the ball and sometimes I forget where all those other labels end and I, me, the woman begins.

However, I have a secret weapon in my purse and I call her Michelle Reeves. Actually, everyone calls her that, it is her real name. Michelle is a goals and success coach for women, a mum of two under 8s, a PND survivor, MIND charity ambassador and creator of the Happiness Habits Routine™. She is craaazy passionate about helping busy mums find the space and grace in their day for THEM and grow their positivity, power and productivity. Check out her free resources, affordable courses and 121 coaching programmes at MichelleReevesCoaching.com or grab her free 5-day mini course ‘How to Overcome Overwhelm’ HERE


6 habits of successful people you should start today


If March arriving on your doorstop made you stop and weep at the lack of progress on your goals so far this year, you’re not alone. It can be hard push through the self-doubt and wavering motivation so many of us have when we’re trying to achieve something new!


We might not have the luxury of a real life mentor, someone we can meet up with on a regular basis for advice and guidance on our lives or businesses. But as a goals and success coach for women, creating resources, online courses and working one-to-one with my clients, I’ve always got a watchful eye on my virtual mentors.


They’re successful entrepreneurs, leading their industries and I watch to see what makes them tick. After all, if it works for them, it could work for me. There’s no reason why we can’t apply other people’s winning strategies to our own lives.
So from productivity to attitude, here’s 6 habits of successful business women, and men, that you can apply to your life or business goals today…

1. Get smart

michelle reeves coaching

How SMART are your personal or business goals? You may know what you want to achieve this week, even this month or next but for successful entrepreneurs, that’s not enough. They have a clear results-based plan for their future and make sure that their goals hit 5 key criteria every time so that they’re: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. (I teach more about my simple system for goal setting and intentional living in the Happiness Habits Routine™.)

2. Focus, focus, focus

michelle reeves coaching
Just popping on to Facebook to see what’s happening? DON’T. Successful entrepreneurs have a laser-like focus and don’t let themselves get distracted. Instead, try using the Pomodoro technique – spend 25 mins on one of the tasks on your to do list and reward yourself with a 5-minute social media break. Or use timeboxing to be more productive with the time you have.


Download Michelle’s free timeboxing cheatsheet here

3. Collaborate

Alone we can be great, together we can be greater. Collaboration can be an excellent way to pool time, talent and resources both in business and in our personal lives – who could you partner with? How about sharing the school run with another Mum to get an hour back in the morning for yourself or trading skills with another business owner to save money on outsourcing?

4. Model others who are already where YOU want to be

Tony Robbins created his multi-million dollar business to by modelling what other successful people did and then applying it to his industry. Who are your virtual mentors? What do THEY do? What strategies do they use? What personal routines or habits do they have? If you’re in a creative industry modelling doesn’t mean copying, though – make sure you’re still authentic to your own voice and readers.

5. Just ship it

Seth Godin famously advises entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zone and just ship their product instead of tinkering away at it until it’s perfect. In a similar way every time we post about our business on social media, write a blog post promoting our services, paint a picture or try anything new in our lives we can fear that we’re opening ourselves up to criticism, judgement or ridicule and spend hours or days worrying, editing, tweaking. Get it 90% right, press GO and move on. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll deal with it.

6. Belief in yourself

Successful entrepreneurs have an unwavering belief in themselves. When they get knocked down they bounce back up and keep going. They’re resilient because they trust that they’ve succeeded before and so they will again. Don’t let self-doubt stop you from achieving your dreams – whether they’re personal goals or professional ones.

You can do this!


I’d like to thanks Michelle for writing this amazing guest post for us and I’d love you to share this post with all your busy mama friends!

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  1. Love, love, love these tips Michelle! It’s well known that Michelle Reeves (which I’ll now call her all the time) is one of my secret weapons too. We all need a champion and using all of the tips above AND having a mentor who has your back, keeps you accountable has been key in my successes so far. Thank you for sharing


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