It’s really difficult to eat well when you are busy and you are kind of against planning. I was discussing this the other week and wrote a whole post about it. You can catch it here.

falling off the waggon

So I wanted to pop in and give you a little update on the importance of planning. So I launched into menu planning with force, I shopped. I took control of the reins and I even cooked (The Chef even ate it, this is a miracle). I felt confident and in control of feeding myself nourishing food. It was also great to be doing that for my little one because I have admitted I can be a little ‘fly by the seat of my pants’. The first week was painless. I lost 2lbs in weight, felt like I had more energy and I even squeezed in some exercise. Then week 2 rolled around.

For week 2, I found I had a load of food leftover so I took the time to plan out meals around that and decided to shop mid-week. WARNING. This my friend’s is where it all goes wrong. By mid-week, I was relying on The Chef to knock up meals from the fridge and though those meals are ace, they are super tasty for a reason. that reason is that they probably aren’t the healthiest. Before I knew it the week had flown by, the healthy eating was out the window and no exercise had been done.

Here’s the thing though because these two things happened so close together, I was acutely aware of it. I can see and feel the difference in me as a person. We all know that eating healthy and exercising make you feel better but it’s the kind of information, especially as busy Mothers that we push to the back of our minds.

I have felt worse this last week because I haven’t prioritised my health and well-being and as a result, it all got lost.

So this week I’m looking for a few tips to get me back on track and I’m sharing them here because my meal planning posts were so popular, I guess a few of us may be in the same boat.


falling off the diet waggon
Plan your food in advance. if eating healthy is going to be high on your agenda it’s a great idea to plan in advance. I have already completed the meal plan for next week and created my shopping list. I’ve spent time looking at our work schedules for potential pitfalls so I can plan around them. We can’t be perfect but we can be prepared.


Yes, it might be boring as heck to some people but I have honestly found that sharing my meal planning here and also being open about my struggles has made me a little bit more accountable. it’s always great to know you aren’t alone in something and I loved chatting with you all about your own struggles because it made me feel like it was OK to struggle. It also made me feel positive to move forwards and get myself organised.

It’s not all about the grub

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. Ok so I’m not really going for the abs thing quite yet but I do know that food and fitness need to be combined if you want to feel good about yourself and have more energy. I actually love exercise and despite my increased waistline I can still do a good hour long Crossfit session, run 3 or 4 miles and actually enjoy it. But day’s with kids can be a struggle by the time bedtime comes around I’m struggling to make it to 8 pm let alone throw myself out of the house for some fitness fun. So I know I need to re-frame that. I know I need to take some time out in the day. I need to schedule it and I need to make sure it happens.

Get other people on board

michelle reeves coaching
Slightly different to being accountable. Part of my issue is that I live with a man who creates epic meals ALL THE TIME. This is great but has not helped my waistline so I realised I had to confess all and let him know that we needed to make a change in the way WE (not just me) eat. I also know that my dearest chef can sometimes be my secret saboteur because if he fancies a late night snack or ‘a little treat’ I will never, ever refuse and this is no good for me because if the offer were not on the table, I’d be fine. I guess I have a hard time saying no. So I needed to make sure he was on board with that.

Have a big goal and lots and lots of mini goals

We are doing a ton of traveling next year (2018) and I know that seems ages away but it will soon be here. We will be skiing over New Year (something you always need to feel fit and energetic for, especially with a toddler. In February we fly to Tenerife for a friends big birthday celebrations. My little bro gets married next year in Poland and we also like to head out to our special spot in Spain. travel can be hectic and exhausting. I want to feel energetic enough to keep up with Fred and also not cave under the pressure of all the work and being away from the businesses etc so I know I need to forward plan this. However an end goal can seem oh so far away and it’s easy to skip a week when you’ve got a year to get things cracking. Mini goals can help you keep this on track. my first one was to get under the half stone barrier. I don’t think I’ve seen that for 2 years. it only took me 2lbs but it helped. It made me want to keep going. my next one in to push under that next stone bracket or fit into some of the gorgeous clothes I’ve stockpiled in my wardrobe. I’d like to run a 10k again. All these mini goals are great motivation when reaching for the ‘BIG ONE’.

Who do you need to get on board so that you can prioritise you?
Are there any actions you could take this week that would really help you feel better? If so think about the above points and put them into practice right away! Call it a Mothers day treat if you have to.


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