This is definitely the most important blog post I’ve had to write. That sounds very self-absorbed but This Welsh Mother is more than just a blog to me. I have been blogging for years and in just 6 weeks you have made This Welsh Mother something EPIC. You have made it feel like a community and that is priceless.


Our Facebook page is filled with lovely women (& men) who engage and chat, It’s the same over on Instagram & Twitter. I’m filled with pride every time I log on and see that one of you has liked, commented or shared something. I really am.

I launched the website worrying that we wouldn’t be able to duplicate the success of our Facebook Page. I was fretting that the excitement had died down and no one would click through to our posts BUT YOU HAVE! Thank You.
I wanted to take this opportunity to set out a Mission Statement for This Welsh Mother exactly because of all the things I’ve mentioned above. This is not a blog about me. This is a place that is all about you! I’m just the bus driver for the moment. We are all riding together.

This Welsh Mother is a website for Welsh parents. It’s for Mothers and Fathers, expectant Mums/Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Nains & Taids. It’s for anyone looking for a place but be warned it will mainly have a family or a Welsh theme so if you aren’t up for either of those things, this probably isn’t the right home for you.

This Welsh Mother will have posts uploaded daily and they will be written by myself and a whole host of lovely guest posters who write their blog posts for free. We would love you to contribute and if that kind of thing interests you click here.

We are all over social media and are launching our own YouTube channel that I want you to be a part of.

We do reviews (and I want you to help me with them in return for product) and we write sponsored posts for businesses (and we get paid to do that – Just to be clear). I will do my best to create articles that you want to read, work with businesses and places you love and bring you offers and competitions you want to grab.
Blogs do not grow on their own and to make this the amazing place I know it can be I need you to help me.

this welsh mother mission statement

  • We do most of our socialising on Facebook. There are over 1000 of us on the This Welsh Mother Facebook page. Sometimes I have to pinch myself over that number. But Facebook is a fickle beast and it hides posts if it thinks you don’t want to see them. I need you to tell Facebook you do! (No nasty emails needed). If you see posts from This Welsh Mother please, please like, comment, share (or all 3). This tells Facebook that it is something you want to see, so 1) It will keep showing you and 2) It will show other people. (update, we now have over 2400 page likes!!!!! Whooop Whooop)


  • You clicked ‘like’ on the This Welsh Mother Facebook page and chances are your Facebook profile is filled with other people just like you, so if you would consider sharing the page and telling people why you like it, I’ll love you forever. This means we can grow our community and brands and businesses take us more seriously as someone they should be working with.


  • I share a post each day. I have either written this myself of managed to convince someone to write one for the site. It takes a lot of work but us writers love it all the same. With that being said, we want it to be read so please, please click through to the site and read the posts. There are some amazing people featured AND if we want to be taken seriously as a business, we need to show that you are clicking through to visit the site as I show those numbers to companies who want to work with us.


  • Lastly, We have a mailing list. You can sign up to join Y CLWB. If you join us you will get a newsletter every Sunday that you can read at your leisure. In there I will pop some things you may have missed, some thoughts from me, any discounts or offers we have from companies and review opportunities. Please sign up. Being able to show that we have a really good mailing list is really helpful for our business.

But it’s not all about me asking you to do things. I want to pledge to do things for you too. I’ve thought long and hard about what I can do for you this year and I’ve set some big goals. If you help me. I will do my best to help you.


  • In 2017 I will take on 5 freelance writers who will be paid on a monthly basis to write for This Welsh Mother.
    All regions will be represented North Wales, Mid Wales, West Wales, South Wales & we will take on 1 writer to write a Welsh Language post each month.
    The amount I am able to pay and the speed I am able to do this depends on you but I will do my part if you do yours. (Also, if you want to be one of these writers, no experience needed. We will make sure you can do it)

Update – ( weeks in and we’ve just taken on out 1st paid writer – YESSSSSSSSSS)


  • Reviews, Competitions, Offers – For a blog/website to make money we need to work with companies. We will do this by writing reviews, sponsored posts and selling advertising and I want you to be involved. I want you to review products that you can keep, I want you and your family to visit attractions, maybe even go on holiday and in return write about your experience for the site. But in order for companies to take us seriously, we need to show that our Facebook page is busy and that our blog posts are being read.

Finally and this is a huge one for me. I want to help Mothers. Not many of you know my back story but I’ve spent most of my life running a London Based business. I bought a house in the homeland in 2014 and had my first child in 2015. I knew my work life was changed forever. I simply cannot earn the same money in Wales. I could never, ever come close. I look at job opportunities in my local area and I wonder how people manage. For all it’s beauty, sometimes the financial implications of living in Wales, particularly if you live rurally are tough.

  • So I want to start a scholarship. I’d love to start 2!
    I want to offer some funding to a Mother in University and Ideally, if I can do it I’d also like to offer someone in our community the chance to take a course online of their choosing and This Welsh Mother will pay. Why? Well, if we aren’t supporting each other in this Mothering game, what’s the point?

(Update – there is money in the pot – this is happening people – we just have to keep going)

So that’s my side of the bargain and let me tell you. I’m not work shy. I will make this shiz happen.

please consider sharing our Facebook page with your own Mother crew and tell them to come join us.

Sign up for the mailing list Y CLWB to make sure you get all the latest offers

and when you see my little posts pop up on Facebook, please consider liking, sharing and giving them a comment. Click through, have a little read and let’s grow this thing.
This Welsh Mother is a force to be reckoned with and I’m guessing you are too.


  1. Keep up the amazing work, a few of my friends, family and myself can tell this is a genuine person and it is absolutely amazing. You are a very grounded person and I can’t wait to keep reading your posts on Facebook 😀 xx

    • Oh my lord Jessica. I could cry… Thank You so much for firstly, visiting the site, reading this post and taking the time to write such nice things. I really appriciate it xx

    • Hey Madeline. No I’ve not made any moves yet on writers, we would love to have you guest post and keep your eyes peeled for the paid opportunities as soon as I can put them forward I will. xx

  2. Read that nodding my head, agree with everything you said. I would absolutely love to guest post or be involved any way I can. I have been writing privately most of my life and publicly for the last few months. I adore being part of the online mother community and really think that lots can be done to help mother’s through this platform x

  3. Omg. I would so love to be helped a little through my university up hill battle.
    I’m a 33 year old mother with 3 children and the scholarship is lushness personified. What a gift!

    • You Amazing thing Aleasha. I don’t know how you do it. I will share more detail as soon as I have it. I know how much I struggled going back to Uni in my early 20’s and I was single and childless. I can’t imagine how tough it is BUT it will be worth it and the lasting impression it will have on your children and their life is PRICELESS. You rock Mama xx

    • I would TOTALLY love to have you. Thank you so much for heading over here and taking the time to comment I REALLY appreciate it xx

  4. Love this. Amazing to see a community of women lifting and inspiring other women. This journey of motherhood is an amazing adventure and we can all share in it together.. The highs and the lows. I would love to write something for you.

  5. This is awesome and actually brought a tear to my eyes. I set myself a silent target to get to a point where I can gift a content creator / blogger with a macbook in the next twelve months and here you are talking about universities! you’ve reminded me once again to aim for the stars and not be happy until you break through that atmosphere.
    An inspiration yet again. So glad to have met you in person Ceri xxx

    If you ever need a blog post and if it doesn’t count against me that I’m not a Welsh mumma, I’m throwing my name in the ring xxx

    • WHOOOP. I would TOTALLY love you have you and your wonderful words on this little site my love. You will do great things this year, i know it, especially bringing this new little bundle into the world xxx


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