Now I’m not a ‘Crafty’ person. I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest but mainly I collate food I am never going to make. however, with Mothers day looming I thought it might be nice to take the focus off the expense and maybe drop a few hints OR get yourself involved in some ‘Craft (gulp)’. This would also work if you are looking to make a sentimental gift for your own mother/mother-in-law etc.

So I scoured Pinterest for some things that looked easy, not too likely to massively fail and slightly fun and this is what I have come up with.

Easy Crafts

Heart Art Canvas (say that one fast) by Mum in the Madhouse

Photo credit

I love this and actually may attempt it as a gift to my mother from little Fred. These canvases are really cheap in the art store, pound stores etc and it seems all I’d need to do is mark off the heart shape, cover up the rest and let him go to town on the central area. Will it look perfect no, it will be a blurry, mixed up mess but it’s sweet, cheap and sentimental.

A little relax

A lie in may be on the cards for Mothers day so why not drop a few hints and leave these printables lying around to see if you can prompt a breakfast in bed experience. Now the reality may be crumbs in bed and a manky coffee but it’s a start and older kids would be great to get involved in this one. I found these great printables by In The Playroom

mothers day breakfast

Image credit – In the Playroom

This is a really sweet idea, doesn’t cost anything and you may even get an extra hour to yourself and that my friends, is something I’m always up for.

Bake and gift

I’m not exactly a top chef but I can throw a cake together and I always find it’s a well-received gift. people tend to respect that you’ve had to create this with your hands and it’s also a moment that can be enjoyed together – the shared eating of cake.

easy coffee cake

Pic Credit –

My Mum loves coffee and walnut sponge. I have vivid memories of trekking to town on a Saturday and being there early enough to collect a coffee cake from the WI stand in Newtown market hall. it was the most delicious, moist and beautiful sponge I can ever remember. So this year I may make one for my Mum. She doesn’t really need anything and I don’t want to buy her some tat for the sake of it. I know she will love a slice of cake and though it will be nothing like the wonderful WI sponge, I’m sure the memories of that time will come flooding back. I’m going to try out this recipe from nigella, who I love, cross my fingers and hope for the best.

What are you planning for Mothers day? If you fancy checking out some other ideas head over to my Pinterest board and check them out.


  1. Lovely ideas for Mother’s Day. I am looking forward to a lie in on Mother’s Day… In about 18 years when my kids have moved out lol x


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