Slimming World Meal Planning – Week 2

Last week I attempted my first week of semi-healthy eating and also took those first baby steps towards actually planning what we ate for the week.


slimming world meal plan

I don’t do meal planning. So I wrote a whole post about why I don’t love it but why I needed to give it a try, You can read it here. I decided to follow a Slimming World style of eating because my other half likes a sizeable amount of food and I thought this may pass him by, undetected. However, I didn’t attend Slimming World classes so all my information comes from previous history with their eating plans and research carried out online.

Our first week went really wellI don’t go to Slimming World meeting but I have previously lost weight by using this method also, it’s the only way I can think of that will allow myself and the other half to eat the same food. he’s a big eater so . You may have seen my updates on the Facebook Page but I actually cooked and everyone ate it.

I felt a great sense of achievement actually because James usually cooks everything for us. I felt far more in control of what I was eating and it felt good to be feeding some nice meals and snacks to the little one. In all, I felt far more organised because I knew what we were eating and that the ingredients I needed were all taken care of.

I will admit I bought too much of some stuff and not enough of others. I could do with a mid-week top up of salad and fruit. We ran out by Wednesday because the weather was so nice we were eating salad, with everything. This meant we had far more leftover Vegetables than planned but I have just factored that into this week’s shop making it cheaper.

We had an impromptu day out to Tenby and of course, we dined on Fish & Chips. it just has to be done when you are by the seaside don’t you think. we also didn’t rigidly stick to the days. I ate all the meals planned out but we altered them around to suit what we wanted on the day. this worked much better for me and I was excited to plan out this week’s meals.

My parents cooked a roast for us yesterday as we were both working away. this meant a ton of leftovers that we’ve been utilising today and in the early part of the week.

I also lost 3lbs in weight and feel a lot better around the waistband of my jeans.

Without further ado. This is what we will be eating this week.

slimming world budget meal plan


I’ve yet to go shopping because we had leftovers and because I quite regularly binge buy discounted products. i can’t help myself. So this weeks menu dictates that.

Certain things I’ve repeated. Cereal for example. I know I can have a really healthy cooked breakfast but I felt better for having a light breakfast and I had more routine to my day because I was actually ready to eat lunch at lunchtime. It was also nice to just know that I could grab and go.

We really enjoyed jacket potato. Simple. But it’s something I love and yet would have avoided. I think we may mix with some sweet potato this week too.


I have the above image printed out and on the fridge ready to go – Wish me luck. I’ll report back next week, either with a week 3 update.

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