I love this town so I am always looking for things to do with kids in Abergavenny. It is such a gorgeous place to walk around but if your kids are anything like mine, a quiet stroll doesn’t tend to keep them quiet so I wanted to put together a few family activities you can enjoy if you have kids in tow.


Abergavenny Castle & Museum.
This is a new one on me. In all the years I have lived here and visited Abergavenny I am ashamed to say I’ve never visited the castle. I was reading a great blog post on Abergavenny Kids this weekend (a great site for more info on the area) and this was listed as an activity so I wrapped up the little one and we headed off.
This is located in the heart of Abergavenny with a large local authority (aka pretty cheap) carpark next to it. We visited on a Sunday when parking was free.
The castle itself is lovely for exploring. we had fun dancing around the trees complete with knitted covers and exploring the garden area with willow features.
It is free to have a wander round and we passed nearly two hours playing – very worthwhile.


The Tithe Barn at St Mary’s
Fancy a tour round an almost 900-year-old barn. This is great if you have older kids who may love a little ‘horrible histories’. Entry to the gorgeous barn is free but you can make a gratefully received donation towards upkeep and then follow off all that history with a memorable snack at the cafe area. home of truly gorgeous cake – trust me. I also always feel a million miles away from a busy market town here so it makes a nice gentle stop. They’ve always been very accommodating to myself and my pram.

I guess it was kind of a big deal last year. All of my friends seemed to be after the nearest ‘cache’ but if you’ve got kiddies and this is unknown to you – look it up. Geocaching is like a big treasure hunt, only via and app and with the use of GPRS. You are shown the locations of various bits of treasure in your area and I personally know that Abergavenny has a few good finds. I’ve hunted with the baby in his buggy, it passes time and you feel like you are in a secret club.

things-to-do-with-kids-in-abergavennyLinda Vista Gardens
Right in the heart of the town centre is a small parcel of calm. Linda Vista Gardens. I stumbled across this site when parking for the Post Office on a hot summers day and somehow ended up with a book, an ice cream and a few hours stretching out in front of me – Bliss. The gardens are really well laid out and they have some gorgeous plants to look at year round. if you are looking for a safe clean spot to walk with kids, Linda Vista is perfect.

things-to-do-with-kids-monmouthAbergavenny Sports Centre.
The town of Abergavenny has quite a large sports centre if you have a few hours that need filling. The have a good sized pool to make use of and fun activities scheduled throughout the school holidays.

things-to-do-with-kids-in-abergavennyMarket Hall & Town Centre
Abergavenny is a small market town. it’s pretty enough to wander around and see what you happen to stumble across. a section of the town centre is pedestrianised and parking is plentiful. Abergavenny market hall is worth a visit. It drags me back to my childhood in Mid-Wales in an instant. The building itself is gorgeous and whatever day you happen to stumble in there you will find something, from a lady selling homemade pickles to a full on flea market.

So those are just a few things to do with kids in Abergavenny. The town itself is pretty small with lots to do in the surrounding areas also. Abergavenny has lots to offer the family and the views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular.

Have you visited or do you live in Abergavenny? We’d love to hear what you think we are missing on this list. Please do let us know here.

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