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Mothers day falls this coming Sunday, 26th March 2017.

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I have spoken this week in my This Welsh Mother Talks Post about how Mothers Day gives me an extra dose of guilt. It’s not that I don’t think we deserve it, it’s because I KNOW we deserve it. All of us.

I think about the Mothers raising children on their own and I hope they are not forgotten. I mean this in the most sincere way. There will also be Mothers who have partners working away or located overseas and on Sunday they may not feel like they are showered with the same outpouring as is displayed on social media.

No one should feel like they aren’t Mothering like a total boss because I know, I just know you all are but, I want to launch a little something for Sunday. If you don’t want to get involved that’s cool. No need to tell me your full details or circumstances but if like me, you are a Mother who is FOR Mothers then you should sign up to our list and get Matched up ready for Sunday.

No money needs to exchange hands, share only what you feel comfortable but sometimes a message makes everything better. Sometimes a few kind words are all we need to hear.

If you sign up below I will match you with another Welsh Mother at random. Your email and name will be forwarded and you can get in touch however you see fit. Send a positive message, share some things about you or just say ‘Happy Blinking Mothers Day, you are a Diamond’ and that alone will make someone’s day.

Sign Up here and receive a match by Thursday.

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If you know someone who would benefit from this or who would love to take part in this kind of thing please share this post for me, it would really mean a lot.

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