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I have wanted to start an online book club for the longest time. I love to read but since becoming a Mother AKA being exhausted ALL the time, I just don’t find  I have the time or concentration to read anything.

online book club

But I still do love books. I love them so much I cannot bear to throw them out. I scour second-hand bookshops, read The Times Literary section like it is my religion and dream of writing a novel (actually, I’ve written one. It just didn’t get published!) Anyhow… I know some of you also like books and I know some of you also just need some time for you AND you need a date with ME… So I thought the This Welsh Mother Online Book Club was THE place to start.

So here is the way it will work,

I will announce a book for the month. You can check out April’s book choice here! You then get the chance to grab a copy or enter our competition to WIN 1 here, You can download the audiobook version, head to your library. all those kinds of things. I would love as many of us to join in as possible.

You get around a month to read the book (If you finish earlier you might want to consider giving your copy to another Welsh Mother?) and I will schedule an event on the Facebook Page for Book Club Night.

On Bookclub night I will GO LIVE on Facebook at a set time, I will bring my book and maybe a little glass of something and we can all chat about the book we have read. You can wear PJ’s drink tea, coffee, wine, whatever you like and you can chat to me in the comments box. I think it will be fun. It will also be an ace way for us to get to know more about each other.

So, right now I want you to head over and find out more about April’s book of the month – I’m in the process of trying to interview the author EEEEK… Make sure you share this with anyone you think would like to join OR think about hosting a little shindig at your place on Book Club night. How fun would that be… If you have any bookish selections – I’d love to hear from you, pop them in the comments below.



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