This Welsh Mother Talks – Mothers Day

I’m not sure how I feel about Mothers day.
Let me explain. I want to knock on your door and high 5 you for surviving thus far, for getting up each day and being the best Mother you can be. I want to take my own Mother on the biggest, best holiday in the whole world. She totally deserves it but when it comes to Mothers day gift guides and all that shiz. I feel weird. I admit it.

celebrating mothers day

I feel weird because it’s become yet another thing that we have commercialised. It’s another chance for Facebook and Instagram to be filled with expensive gifts, experiences, hotels, diamonds, rose walls – Hey Kim K.

I worry that when we commercialise everything and live our lives through a glaring lens with multiple filters, we can end up feeling crap about our own real, raw and perfectly fabulous lives because somehow they just don’t measure up.

I scheduled a slot in my diary to write a gift guide. I’ve been asked by you lot to feature wonderful Welsh businesses AND I’ve even been approached by some brands to feature in it (hallelujah) but I’m not going to do it. I don’t want to add into the whole ethos that makes us feel that if we’ve not received £100’s worth of gifts we aren’t loved. I love a Jo Malone candle as much as the next gal but I don’t want you or me to feel less valued is Mothers day isn’t a vision of crisp white bed linen, candle burning and a delicate breakfast in bed.

If I write you a gift guide I’m telling you that you need ‘stuff’ to measure how good a job you are making of Motherhood. I think we all deserve to feel great on Mothers day so this is what we are going to do.

I’m posting three posts this week.

Easy makes for Mothers Day

easy mothers day craft

Leave them lying around so even the uncraftiest of your family can make you some random, humorous, sentimental stuff. I do not do ‘craft’ – so this could be hilarious. I promise to post my honest results on the Facebook page.

Self-love for Mothers

It might not be the day that the media hypes it up to be. You might still have to do the washing, clean up poo and your partner/husband/person you keep chained under the stairs might STILL be a real arse. It’s OK. You’ve got to love yourself first right? So let’s promote that by sharing some ways that WE can love OURSELVES this Mother’s day.

and lastly… This Welsh Mother – Mothers Day Matchup

I don’t know how many of us in this community are going to be on their own on Mothers Day but you don’t have to be. That’s not what we are about in these parts. So if that’s you, speak up and get matched with another Welsh Mother for the day so we can all remind each other what totally rockin goddesses we really are.

So, if you are looking for the gift guide. I’m sorry….but there a million and one out there for you to read. Gifts can be great but the real stuff, real celebration, and joy is never about a gift no matter what the glossies tell us. So let’s commit to connecting this year. Let’s craft some crap, erm I mean glorious stuff, let’s celebrate ourselves and let’s buddy up and help each other out this year instead.

I hope that’s OK with you? Mwah. Ceri x

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