4 Top Ways To Make Money at Home

Since I started This Welsh Mother & as a by-product started documenting to you, how I spend my day’s, I have had a ton of direct messages and emails about business and making money. This makes me very happy because business & making money is TOTALLY my thing. I have been in business for eight years, I’ve trained as a Business Coach worked with some of the UK’s top financial organisations and coached a heck of a lot of women in the ways of making money online.

I know that you can make money from home because I do. You just need to start and starting is sometimes the hardest part. So today I want to share with 4 Top Ways To Make Money From Home.

  • Buy & sell like a boss

So first up, if you are really short of cash it’s good to have a think about the stuff you have, that you don’t really NEED. Selling your unwanted, unused goods frees up space and also frees up cash. I actually funded the launch of my first business and my first few months of trading by selling loads of my stuff to finance myself. There is no shame in it. I’m now a prolific seller if it’s not being used. I sell it.

Secondly, there is money in buying and selling if you do it right.

The amazing biz master Gary V, created this ace episode of his own show all about buying at car boot sales and re-selling on eBay if you apply some common sense and search out items that sell well you can turn a profit quite quickly. It helps to know what to look out for.

In my own experience kids clothes from certain shops will fly out, I have often sold items on eBay for more than I originally paid. Jeans are also another strange item. they sell really well in the second-hand market.

So think about your own passions and hobbies, do they lend themselves to selling items online. Are you a whizz when it comes to grabbing kids clothes or toys, do you love shabby chic interiors or have a hobby or sporting interest. Whatever it is I’m pretty sure you can find a way of buying low and selling so that you make a profit. It doesn’t always happen but it’s an easy low-cost way to get started.

  • Make it, make money

The market for ‘makers’ is booming. There has never been a better time to unleash your inner maker and start selling your stuff online. Whether you decide to sell your wares to friends and family on FB, in groups or set up an online store with Etsy or your own site there are plenty of people willing to pay for unique items of hand crafted goodness.

So if you have a talent why not turn that into a cash injection and start selling your goods. You never know where it could take you.

  • Get your freelance on

I know what you are thinking. What about if you have no great talent and you also don’t have any money to start buying and selling stuff. Well, my friends, if you have access to the internet & you have a computer/laptop you could start up as a freelancer in no time.

The gig economy is booming so why not take your skills online and offer them to other people as a freelancer.

Sites such as People Per Hour, Upwork & Fiverr are helping people get set up and start earning quickly. (These sites take a cut of your earnings but it’s a one stop shop that helps you find clients).

Once you know what it is you are offering, use that internet connection to start networking online, in facebook groups, twitter etc and go out and hunt down more work.

The key is knowing what you offer, what you charge and presenting it in a really simple and easy to understand way. You can also set yourself up a website FOR FREE on Wix.

  • Remote Working

Remote working means working for someone else, in an employed position but remotely, so you do not need to be in your employer’s premises.

This is big business in the USA and sadly not as widespread here but it is possible to find companies who employ remote workers.

My top tip would be to scour job sites online and use remote or home working in the search bar. Enterprise car rental employ home working agents as do many other larger companies. (Do not confuse a remote working position with many of the home working opportunities advertised online. It’s not the same thing. Remote working for a company means you are employed by them, you simply work from home)


So there we have it. Those are my 4 top tips for earning money from home. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started but trust me, you can do it. Try setting aside some time today to think about which of these options seems like something you could tackle and start thinking about ways that you can move forward and start earning some money from it.

If you are looking for employment opportunities, check out this week’s jobs postings to see if anything there is suitable.

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