I’m a Mum & I Need to Work

Why would we be introducing a Work section? Work, we all do enough of that right? So let me explain.

I am a Worker Bee. I love work, I’m not crazy, I just learned really on that the by-product of work was money and I don’t mind telling you, I love money. No shame in that. Most importantly I love the freedom that money gives me.

You see not too long ago I didn’t have much money. I had a new baby, I was exhausted and thought I was failing as a Mother because I couldn’t go out and buy him all the things I thought he needed. I cried myself to sleep because I didn’t get him a really special present for his very first Christmas and I stopped going shopping because it made me angry & upset that I couldn’t buy the stuff I saw.

working mums


He’s almost two now and with some hindsight, I know he didn’t need a special Christmas present and he also didn’t need any of the ‘stuff’ I thought I had to buy him but I remember how it felt to have no money!

Struggling to get by didn’t make me feel good about myself. Having to ask my partner to do the food shop or give me money to take Fred to soft play made me feel like I had failed. I didn’t want to do it, so I hid at home where I didn’t need to pay for anything, where no one could see the change in me.

Luckily I realised that I needed to make a change. I too the time to focus on things that made me happy and I started to work again. I didn’t and don’t make tons of money and bath in it every day – far from it but I can buy myself some jeans, even if I never stray far from Primark these days. Work means that I can pay my bills. Work means that I can buy Fred that ball that I know he’s going to lose by 3 pm but that he so desperately wants. For me, work means traveling, being at home more and also being the person that I want to be, being something outside of this huge, all-encompassing Mothering role.

I recently popped onto the This Welsh Mother Facebook page and asked what kind of problems & pain points people had and I wasn’t totally surprised at the answers.

“How do I go back to work when I can’t afford the childcare”

“Budgeting -I’m totally crap with money”

“There is too much month at the end of my Money!”

“Getting a job that isn’t minimum wage”

“Starting a business from home but I don’t know how”

When I didn’t have work & things were tight, I was a different person. I was unhappy with me, I was unhappy with my relationship, I was unhappy with life. I’ve written all about my experience here if you’d like to learn more about my journey.

This is why I know we need to talk about work and that’s why I’m adding in a dedicated section called This Welsh Mother Works on the website.

parent friendly jobs

This Welsh Mother Works is for all Women. It’s for you if you are a stay at home mum, a part time working mum, a full time working mum, a student, a business owner or someone with a burning business idea.

This Welsh Mother Works will talk to inspiring women, teach you practical finance skills and talk about the things we need to talk about.

It will showcase parent-friendly jobs, talk about working Mum issues and help you up your game if heading back to work or improving your job is what you would like to do. I’m also going to talk business because I personally feel that Mothers make excellent business women so if you have a burning desire to go it alone and work for yourself, look out for me talking about my journey and sharing my hints and tips.

I am passionate about work & I hope that This Welsh Mother Works will allow you to achieve all of your passions too.

Keep checking the dedicated area on this site for more information, posts & meet ups.

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