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I’m attempting to get organised with this blogging lark. I hold my hands up. It’s flipping difficult at times and that’s because I have two other businesses outside of this & a toddler. It’s no mean feat but I’m not here to whinge, I love it. However, I do want to get into a routine of getting stuff live on this site and also having features that you love to read so make way for Business Mother Monday.

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When I started the Instagram account for This Welsh Mother I suddenly started to find loads of amazing Welsh Businesses. They come in all shapes and sizes but I find them crazy interesting for two reasons.

For one. I just love business, it’s my specialist subject so I’m totally interested in what makes people go it alone. I love to see their passions and talents and I just love seeing how they manage it all.

Secondly, I want to support them. If I can buy from a ‘person’. I totally will. I think it’s great to support other businesses, I want to support Welsh Businesses and hell if another Mother is rocking a business, I want to be a part of keeping that going.

working moms

So that’s what Business Mother Monday is all about and I need your help. I’ve started messaging some of my Insa-biz-crushes to get them to feature and I’m asking them to recommend one of their faves too but if you know a business mother they can be little biz, medium biz or big biz (who cares) why not send me their name and I will hunt them down and get them to feature. We get to be nosey and take a peek into their business brain and also we get to know more about their amazing business.

If you would like to nominate someone, you don’t have to know them personally, it can be anyone you find inspiring/interesting, please just drop me an email – & put Business Mother Monday in the subject line.

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