No Faff Foods – 25th April

I love food and I love Pinterest so I thought a great way to combine the two was to highlight some amazing, family friendly foods that I pin each week on Pinterest for you to try.

easy family meal plan

I’m always after inspiration so I’m hoping this might give you some too. And also, I’m sill trying to meal plan and I get most of my ideas on Pinterest.

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easy baking with kids


So let’s dive into this week’s treats.

My toddler is not a breakfast person. It’s cos he’s up half the night but I know the importance of breakfast and I’m always looking for healthy, great starts to the day.

  • Healthy Lemon & Poppyseed Muffins

paleo sweet treats

Image Courtesy of Nourish Your Glow

I’ve only had one experience with coconut flour and it was bad, it was real bad but I really want to try these. I think I could get Fred interested in a morning muffin and these could be made up on a lazy Sunday. Probably good with an afternoon cuppa too.


Lunch times can get crazy. It’s the only time my young one likes to take a nap so we inevitably end up feeding him at 11 are 2.30ish so not ideal lunch time but this, this one interests me.

healthy family lunch


The avocado was Fred’s first food (nostalgic mama alert) and is a firm fave in this house, Feta I mean, Yum and I have actually made flatbreads before. I know, I know. Don’t fall off your chair, It was for a job ha ha.

Quick Flatbreads with Avocado & Feta.





Image Courtesy of Jamie Oliver


Dinners. I love really simple, tasty dinners. I have no time for faff. I don’t want 750000 ingredients but I want it to be tasty enough that my chef other half will eat it without giving me the eye… You know the eye right? It’s like the ‘hmmmm it’s ok but it could be better if you just ……) I hate the eye.

I love a slow cooker. Actually, I like any cooking that you can just leave so this one interested me.


easy one pot dinner

Image courtesy of Julies Treats & Eats – Click for a link to their amazing website packed full of tasty foods

I have seen versions of this that you pop in the oven and they don’t seem like the kind of ingredients that require long, slow cooking but that said something about it makes me know it’s gonna be tasty as heck. So I’m gonna try it. The sauce looks delish and I just know it’s gonna be tender and tasty.


Wanna bake?

I long to be a mother that’s organised enough to bake. It never happens. However, I do always feel like I’m on the hop and don’t have lovely tasty snacks for the boy. I also know that some of you are bloody goddesses in the kitchen so let’s get our bake on this week eh.


These are for me really, little involvement

no bake treat

Image courtesy of My Fussy Eater – who has a whole site you should check out for ace tips on feeding your little ones

Or if you are a bit fancier you could try this corker from Waitrose.

  • Rhubarb and custard traybake.

waitrose kids food

Image courtesy of Waitrose

You can get Rhubarb at the moment in the forced variety and I blinking well love the stuff. This would be so lush with a cuppa and you’d look like such a fancy pants if you invited someone over and casually dished it out like you are a cardigan wearing housewife from the 1950’s ..ha ha


So those are my choices this week. They all look and sound lush. If you want to see what I get up to this week make sure you are following me on Instagram where I am generally a nerd and update my stories all he time. And if food is your thang be sure to hot here and follow me on Pinterest.

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