Snazzy, Striped Mum-Tops That Won’t Steal All Your Spends

I love a Breton stripe. A striped top is a key part of my Mum wardrobe. I’m all the ‘cliches’ over here. So last week I headed into a very well known high street store and I browsed their countryside chic clothes like I’ve done a million times before.

I admired their gorgeous wellies, the smart jackets and I ‘ooohed and ahhhed’ over the flipping wooden floor. I’m a sucker for a brand experience. Anyway. I grabbed two snazzy, striped, Mum tops and I was considering heading for the checkout when my Mum-sense kicked in.

Why in gods name are you spending £70 on two striped tops

Let’s just work this out

£70.00 is….

Getting my hair done

Paying for my manicure girl to come to the house THREE TIMES

TEN BOTTLES OF COSTCO PROSECCO (Yeah, I go to Costco & I love it)

Now, I love this store. I love a striped top but I just couldn’t justify it. I just couldn’t spend all that money on two flipping tops.

Since then I’ve been on a mission, If you, like me, worship at the altar of Breton Tee’s, you need to check out this selection. I have trawled the internet to find you snazzy, striped mum-tops that won’t steal all your spends. Here are my faves.



I buy almost all of my clothes at supermarkets. I feel no shame in this statement anymore. For one thing, it’s flipping hard to take a kid shopping, I just don’t do it. so if I get the chance to go anywhere alone, highly likely it’s the supermarket. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky I’ll tell James I’m popping to Sainsbury’s in Newport and I will browse the homeware and clothes for at least 30-uninterupted minutes buying absolutely nothing for myself but feeling like I’ve just visited Chanel. I’m easily pleased.

Sainsbury’s have some beautiful clothes though. They even have Gok Wan, I mean, come on. It’s Gok Wan. Anyway. Turns out you can buy Sainsos garments online and they’ve got a nifty line in striped Mum-tops that are under a TENNER.

affordable breton top

Tu  White Slash Top £9.00            Tu Stripe Floral T-Shirt £5.00


Sticking with the supermarket and heading to Asda, again you can order their George range online and I found some great items there. I’ve actually ordered the bell sleeve stripe top already!

cheap stripe tops

Striped Bell Sleeve Top  £10.00

La Redoute

I haven’t thought about La Redoute for years! My Mum used to get their catalogue when I was a teen but if anyone can rock a great stripe, it’s the French. This is pricier but it’s a more heavyweight top so perfect for when you want something more like a sweater but still a little more fitted and leaving you looking a little less like you are off to the gym than an actual jumper would.

breton top

Striped Heavyweight cotton t-shirt £19.00


I’m guilty of forgetting to look in Matalan but whenever I do they seem to have the most amazing home stuff. Also, it seems they love a blinking mum-top. I’ve included a shirt because a) I love a shirt and b) In the shop I am NOT mentioning that is snazzy, I saw a shirt just like this, so y’know. Snap it up.

striped tops like joules


Breton Stripe T-shirt £7.00       Long Sleeve Stripe Shirt £14.00

New Look

When New Look finally arrived into the town where I grew up, I felt like I’d won the lottery. Ever since then I can’t go past one without a look inside. I don’t care how snazzy, snobby you wanna be, New Look is almost always guaranteed to have something for you and it’s one of the only places I can buy shoes without trying them on (random claim to fame for them there).

cheap stripy tops


Wide Strip Wide Sleeve Sweater £17.99  White Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Top  £8.99

I always worry that I look a bit ‘samey’. I worryI’mm not trendy enough, that I’m just not fashionable but let’s face it ladies, most day’s I just want to get up, shove something on and look and feel OK all day.

I want to be comfy but still look presentable, I want to know I can crawl round after the hyper toddler and not worry about getting my top messed up, caught in something or bodily part flopping out. I like having my Mum wardrobe, I’m not gonna apologise for it anymore. It’s me & that’s OK.

Oh and p.s – you can order all these things on your phone, without leaving the house or trying to force a child to sit in a trolley/pushchair or not run under aisles of clothes – Hi 5 to that… XXX

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  1. Michelle Reeves
    April 7, 2017 at 1:54 pm (10 months ago)

    Fab tops and awesome prices… thanks Ceri!


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