Under £20, Not Chocolate and all for Mama

As Mothers, we can be pretty bad at giving ourselves a little treat so this week, super fashionable Emma is back with her top tips on what to snag for yourself to feel like a fashion mama – for no more than £20.


Ultimate Mum Accessories

An easy way to freshen up an outfit you have worn to death is to throw some colour at it.

I LOVE A STATEMENT NECKLACE and this little beauty ticks all my boxes. It’s bright, bold, chunky (aka small people are not going to snap it within 0.5 seconds of me putting it on).

The colour is bright, zesty and is going to liven up anything you wear with it.

A Winner

Chunky Necklace – £9.99


Cheap Gingham Top

Gingham is king/queen this season. It’s absolutely everywhere and if you want a really accessible way of wearing it this one looks magic. So the top itself is from Sainsbury’s TU Clothing Range. You can grab it online or when you are next popping in for a loaf of bread. I love this because it’s going to work with a pair of jeans and your trainers or you could really dress this one up and wear it for work or a night out, if you ever get one.

Womens Blue Gingham Frill Top £12.00



Embroidered Loafer

These shoes though, so cute.

These are from Peacocks and are priced at £16.00. They also come in black and will look great with jeans, skirts, The works.


Women’s Embroidery Flats £16.00


Summer Sandals Like Joules

Am I allowed to say this? I dunno, but there are some sandals just like this for Summer Season in Joules. these bad boys are from George at Asda and are £12.00. Grab them now for the next time the sun makes an appearance.

Leopard Print Sandals £12.00


Toddler Friendly HandbagNo matter what stage of parenting you are at, you kind of always have a ton of stuff to take with you SO if you haven’t utilised the rucksack trend yet, get on that bad boy!

Hands-free, stylish, practical, comfy, wonderful… what more can I say.

Primarni has a splendid selection including a rose gold number that I couldn’t find an image of. This one is gorgeous and simple and nine quid. Yep £9. It’s also available in a dusky pink if you want to go spring-like.


I’ll be back next week with another cheeky roundup and if there are any fashion dilemmas you are struggling with, be sure to ask them in the comments and I’ll tackle them in an upcoming post.

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