No Faff Foods – 2nd May

This weeks no faff foods.


I love food and I love Pinterest so I thought a great way to combine the two was to highlight some amazing, family friendly foods that I pin each week on Pinterest for you to try.

I’m always after inspiration so I’m hoping this might give you some too. And also, I’m still trying to meal plan and I get most of my ideas on Pinterest.

If you are on Pinterest please do click here and follow me and you can find the boards and access all the pins.


So let’s dive into this weeks treats.

I’m not on a faddy diet but I do just like a smoothie. They are totally easy and I can get them into Fred without much fuss. The Chef just doesn’t get why you would want to drink your breakfast but hey, ho. You can’t please them all. This week I’ve meal planned some smoothies so I have been searching for some inspiration and these two looked great.





Because the chef & I both work from home we tend to eat properly at lunch time, sometimes we even have our main meal then. If I’m going to cook Lunch also tends to be the meal I’ll take on so I like super simple.

easy family chicken alfredo

Image Source – Julia’s Album

Looks so tasty and the weather’s been a little on the crap side – I’m typing this with soggy feet after just rescuing the washing from the hail- hello UK summertime.


Dinners. I love really simple, tasty dinners.


Easy Slimming World Meals

Looks hella tasty


Wanna bake.

I long to be a mother that’s organised enough to bake. It never happens. However, I do always feel like I’m on the hop and don’t have lovely tasty snacks for the boy. I also know that some of you are bloody goddesses in the kitchen so let’s get our bake on this week eh.


I want to devour these, NOW

Easy To Bake Cookies

Image Source Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

Or if you are a bit fancier you could try this from the queen, AKA Mary Berry

You just know it’s going to have that lush sugar crust and be delicious.



So those are my choices this week. They all look and sound lush. If you want to see what I get up to this week make sure you are following me on Instagram where I am generally a nerd and update my stories all the time. And if food is your thang be sure to hop here and follow me on Pinterest.

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