Things That Keep Your CV Fresh – Working Mother Wednesday

Last week we launched Working Mother Wednesday with a short post about available jobs and boy did it open a can of worms. I received so many emails from readers telling me about their working woes and one topic that came up, again and again, was ‘How you keep your CV interesting if you are taking time to be at home with your children’

Disclaimer – I do not get involved with the woking mums/full-time mums debate nonsense. Raising kids is hard however you are doing it and we should be PRO ‘other women’ and not trying to tear each other down for their choices.

So today, How can you keep your CV looking snazzy when you have been raising your kids and worry that it doesn’t translate well to your employment history.

The key is activity. I know it can be hard to get anything done when you have kids but YOU CAN. there is always a way. So check out my tips below.

Volunteer Your Time


If you are able to get out of the house and have someone else look after the children, volunteering for a few hours is a great option to consider. Charities are always crying out for help and whatever your previous employment history I can guarantee that you have some skills that you could lend to a charity.
It get’s you out of the house and interacting with adults and you can also network with new people and explore key activities and career areas that you may not have tried before.

Freelance from home

freelance jobs for mums

This fills a lot of people with terror but it is possible to grab the odd freelance gig similar to what you used to do pre-kids. You could provide admin services, take over a companies social media or act as a consultant. the freelancing economy is huge and sites like People Per Hour and Upwork are full of legit opportunities for you to keep your skills fresh and earn some cash.


Blogging Mums

Now, of course I’m gonna say this right but you can blog in many guises. It is entirely possible to make a good living from blogging. it’s not quick, it’s not easy but it’s there for the taking but aside from that, it’s also a great cathartic thing to do when you have very little time for you. You can go private or public but blogging does show that you have been doing something with your time and also offers a lot of transferable skills to the workplace. you can also start for free!


study courses for mums

Have you looked into freshening up your skills and taking a course locally or online? Depending on your situation you may be entitled to financial help towards the cost of gaining new training/qualifications. Lot’s of education facilities have childcare on offer and if leaving the house just isn’t going to happen you could look into the many courses available online that could help you freshen up your skills. Always check out the best level of accreditation for the area you are looking to work in. You don’t want to be wasting precious time/money if the qualification isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.


If you are looking the best ways to head back to the workplace you may be interested in the the amazing workbook I’m creating with Career Coach for Mums and super expert Gina Visram.

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