It’s no secret to any of us that parenting is no walk in the park but after a week of sickness bugs I entered this new week pretty optimistically.

Fred was feeling better, I had ceased to smell like a fragrance best described as ‘Eau de Toddler Sick’ & the chef had actually got out of bed. I was on a high.

The lurgy had made work nigh on impossible so I had even scheduled a whole weeks worth of blog posts – strong work mamma, or so I thought.


Early in the week we did the whole insta-mama thang and headed to a forest full to the brim with bluebells. However, I forgot my snazzy camera and Fred, well, Fred was less than Instagram about the whole ordeal. It seems toddlers and trekking through woodland are not the ideal mix – who’d have thought it.







Organisation paid off though and I felt so much better being up to date with the whole blogging lark. I sold some ads for the website so can happily put the finishing touches to the first advert for a paid writer at This Welsh Mother this week, as I know I’ve got the funds to pay them for 4 months. Being able to start this process 8 weeks after launching the site makes me grin from ear to ear so If you are a mother, writer and can write in the medium of welsh language, watch out for our ad for paid work.

Welsh Language Writers Wanted

I had a ton of emails from you nominating your fave business Mothers – for Business Mother Monday which should hopefully start next week! And the whole topic of Mothers in business opened up the conversation about meet ups. So I’m gonna get raw and honest with you.

When we launched and I set out what I wanted to achieve with This Welsh Mother in the Manifesto, meet ups and in person get togethers were high on my list so I got brave and typed out that it was one of my intentions. Then, a little later and I surveyed you on the Facebook page LOADS of you responded and said that meet ups were what you wanted. Amazing, I thought. Yet, I did nothing about it.

Why is that?

Why are we always putting things off that we really want to do?

Well, for one thing. It’s scary as hell isn’t it? I’m not daunted by putting on an event. I’m scared as hell that I’ll do it and no one will come or worse, people will think ‘who the hell does she think she is putting on an event’ cos let’s be honest. I’ve taken some flack since launching this website. Yet despite all that it’s still there, tugging at my shirt and not leaving me alone so I know it’s somethong I need to do for you and I need to do for me.

So let’s sodding well do it. Look out for a post or survey this week that will hopefully help us get clearer on when and how we can hang out in real life.

So I hope your week was epic and that you have a great (shorter than usual) week ahead planned.

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