Festival Fun (not too far if you live in South wales)

I was a tad too serious for my own good in Uni and I don’t mind admitting that it wasn’t till a few years ago that I got into festivals.

Here in Wales we have some lovely events to go to. Festival No 6 up in Portmeirion, The Greenman Festival in Crickhowell & the beautiful Brecon Jazz to name a few but another Festival has just started to appeal to me and there is good news if you are Welsh 7 have younger festival goers.



Nozstock – The Hidden Valley is returning for its 19th year this July from Friday 21st to Sun 23rd. The Festival is located near to Bromyard in Herefordshire which is a toddler approved driving distance from my South Wales home.

The festival takes place on an idyllic-looking working farm with glorious countryside surrounding it. I’m sure, that come rain or shine the place will look heavenly.

My personal struggle is the child-friendly aspects of festivals. I want to make sure that the smaller, most demanding people in our party are well taken care of so I was really keen on the fact that Nozstock has the small humans taken care of. Their Little Wonderland area is all set up for a weekend of fun, magic and inspiration for all ages and best of all, no nasty hidden charges for any of the kid’s activities. That’s a weight off my mind already.

Nozstock has just finalised their line-up for this July. I’m adding Seasick Steve, Happy Mondays & the Sugarhill Gang to my list along with my Welsh Faves, Goldie Lookin Chain.

If you fancy getting in the festival mood, check out this video

I’m so excited to be attending the Festival this year as a guest & I’m going to be blogging all about our preparations and our experience at the festival. If you want more information on Nozstock – The Hidden Valley or want to grab some tickets please check out their website here

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  1. Michelle Reeves
    July 15, 2017 at 3:35 pm (6 months ago)

    We haven’t done any festivals with the kidlets yet but this looks like loads of fun! I can feel a second trip to Wales coming on… ☺👌


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