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We bought our home in 2015. It was built in the early 50’s and stands on a really quiet lane of 7 homes. The couple who originally built the house actually lived in Italy and kept the house as a holiday home for visiting Welsh family. As such it had never really been lived in until we bought it.

Fred’s room was the first in the house to get a makeover. I thought I would be over the moon to decorate a nursery but I actually felt really confused. I didn’t know this little person yet. Who would they be? what would they like? I didn’t feel like I could impress personality on something when I hadn’t yet met the occupant.

Fred will be two at the end of next month, the rest of the renovation project is all but finished and it’s high time his room reflected who he is.

With that in mind, I’ve asked the lovely people over at Kiddiewinkles (a gorgeous children’s interior site) to come over and share their expert tips when it comes to adding in personality & charm to a toddler room that is a little short of space. It needs to be functional but also in keeping with the rest of the home.

Looking at their website filled me with inspiration so I wanted to share my current wishlist with you so you can see how we are able to incorporate my ‘wants’ with their expertise.

Making a statement

Fred’s room is painted in a pale grey from Earthborn Paints

It’s a lovely subtle colour and we all know by now that Grey is the new neutral right?perfect-paint-kid's-bedroom

Earthborn Paint is amazing stuff particularly if you have kids, less nasty smells in the air and much less toxic. We used their clay paint range which goes on like a dream and gave great coverage to our previously unloved box room.

While I am more than happy to keep the colour it does need a bit of added interest so I’ve been searching for some wall decals/transfers that could add a bit of statement wall appeal.

I want to keep his room traditional with a neutral or coastal feel so that it transitions well with the rest of our house. These Cloud Decals are from Becky & Lolo .


The white clouds would look quite discreet against our pale Grey walls but I think they would add some interest and texture to the room. Each pack contains 19 clouds in mixed sizes.


The bulkhead for the stairwell is located in Fred’s small bedroom and as a result, it takes out a huge chunk of usable space. It has always annoyed me but now I have dreams of turning it into a reading nook when he is older. For now, it comes in handy for toy storage – especially as it is an area that is unreachable for small hands (He’s already in a toddler bed and I really don’t need him playing at 2 am).

There are so many stylish storage options available now and you really don’t need to spend a fortune.

My dream item would be one of these Slimline Children’s Bookcases from Tidy Books


Not only do they look gorgeous, they are really functional and fun. Tidy Books has a great range of storage geared up towards our little ones and I love that this bookcase would allow Fred to see ALL his favorite book covers before our bedtime story.

If you love this but your budget won’t stretch, this KiddyPlay Wooden Book Storage Rack is a great cost effective solution at just £17.99.

KiddyPlay Wooden Book Storage Rack – Primary Colours

We use the bulkhead for most of our storage and while this may not be the most stylish option it is totally flexible and practical. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you The Flexi Tub.

Pack Of 3-40 Litre Garden Trug/Flexi Tub/Gorilla Bucket.(made in uk)

If, like me you want an easy way to move toys around, these will be your best friend. I keep one on the stairs to make it easy to remember all the stuff that needs to back up there as well. They are really cost effective, make it easy to move stuff around and are really hard wearing.

To keep a few bits & bobs that are easily accessible I have fallen in love with this.


This is one of the gorgeous products available at Kiddiewinkles. I absolutely love the design, it looks amazing quality and I think the personalisation gives it a much more Luxe feel without spending a fortune. This Blue Star Toy Storage Basket starts from £25.00.



While we are talking about Kiddiewinkles their bedding is now firmly on my wish list. Fred has a really lively, sometimes mischievous personality and I fell for their Red Star Bedding immediately.


The Red would be a lovely bright contrast and work so well with their coordinating toy basket. I love that you can personalise the duvet because we have monogrammed pillow cases in our own bedroom. It’s not for everyone but it always reminds me of posh hotel rooms. I’d love to get him a little ‘FJB’ pillow case of his own.

The great thing about this bedding though is the quality. It comes in a nice, high thread count (that’s what makes the bedding feel so good when you stay in hotels) This bedding will wash like a dream, I already know it.


Because Kiddiewinkles are fully co-ordinating you can also buy this super cute bedside organiser – So unbelievably sweet.


Perfect for small spaces and storing those little bits and bobs, the dummy they are supposed to have given up but always want at 3 am and the sippy cup, who can forget the sippy cup!

Finishing Touches

I bought vintage nursery prints when I originally decorated the room but while I adore them, they really do not suit our little bundle of fun.


These vintage style pencil drawings are from Wayfair and are priced at £16.80 each. They are so lovely but with a nod to the children’s room.

Ok, so this may be a big dream but look at this.


Instagram went crazy over the TeePee but look at this WigWam. This is also available at Kiddiewinkles and I just love it. I love the traditional styling, I love the imagination that’s gone into it and it would certainly perk up a wet Welsh day inside. like many of their items, this can also be personalised and is available here.

So what do you think?

Am I crazy to want to add so much to his room? I really love all these items and am keen to hear from the experts to get some extra perspective on the space I have available.

As always I love to hear how you have done things in your house so pop any thoughts below and I’ll be sure to take them onboard.




*** Disclosure –  This post contains affiliate links to some products.

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