I became mother two years ago and I have a confession. In those two years, I’ve not spent too much time thinking about my relationship with my other half (Soz James).

I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve ‘been out’ since then and quite frankly if we did have the chance, we’d be too knackered. That’s parenting for you.

Recently though things have taken a shift. Fred’s started to sleep better. I leave the house a few days a week to go to work, hell I even did my hair the other day, so I started chatting to one of my mates about date nights.

She wants to do them. Her husband is up for it, but how? what? where? and when?

To help her out, me out and hopefully you, if you are up for it? I’ve created this quick list to give you 7 sure-fire hits for a date night that you could try this week!

1) Winner, Winner Let’s cook dinner.

easy date night ideas

Stick with me… You are sick of bloody cooking dinner, right? So you don’t wanna do that for a date but aside from your traditional takeaway or forcing your loved one to cook for you, what are your options? Well… how about a theme night?

Pick something new, find your meal ideas and join together to get them created. It can be fun, no babysitters required.

2) Movies

date night ideas for parents

Creating a movie night at home can be just as fun as heading to the cinema and loads cheaper. You can go as crazy as you like, grab some popcorn, set up your theatre or make amazing snacks (we like nachos in our house) and you could alternate who chooses the film.


3) Picnic

date night ideas for parents

A carpet picnic isn’t just for the kids. You can create a lovely setting in your own home, select your foods and get comfy while you chat about what’s been going on for each of you. It can be a really cost effective way to reconnect.


4) Tech Free 2 Hours

date night ideas for parents

You’d probably be surprised by how much tech-free time I enjoy. It infuriates me when my other half stares at his screen during meals, or programs, even when I chat but we can all be guilty of it so why not schedule and ENJOY some tech-free time! Two hours of no screens, normal chatter and catch up. it’s really simple but I think this one really helps.


5) Recreate your 1st date

date night ideas for mums

Ok, So I’m not gonna recreate mine. It was dire (ha ha) but if you want to feel nostalgic and romantic you could go ahead and recreate your first date. It will put you into the mindset of thinking back to all that new-nessĀ and that can’t be a bad thing when neither of you can remember a full nights kip.

6) Game night

date night ideas for mums

As with the tech-free two hours above, how often do you actually spend time just doing something one on one with your partner? Probably not very often. A game night can help you enjoy something funny, take you out of your normal situation and also stir up some healthy competition.

7) Spa Night

date night ideas for mums

Fancy treating yourself as well as your loved one? This one is for you and trust me, men love a bit of pampering no matter how much they protest. Take an evening to indulge in so spa style activities and feel pampered and relaxed all at once.


So there we have 7 quick and easy date night ideas just for mums. Do let me know if you try one or if you have some great date night ideas for keeping things fresh in your house.


  1. Love this! Such a great set of ideas – often we’re just to knackered to do anything except slump on the sofa but you’ve reminded me we need to make the effort to get the effect. Thanks lovely!


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