Cracking open my wardrobe door will show you a few things, the first being that I own a crap ton of dresses, the second being, I wear a heck of a lot of stripes.
The dresses really need to go on eBay but the stripes addiction is fine because I’ve given birth.

You see tiger stripes (or stretch marks) aren’t the only acceptable stripe you gain in motherhood, a quick sweep of Instagram will show you that a stripe is firmly in the motherhood fashion vocab.

So what is it about stripes that capture the hearts of Mothers across the country?

I felt lost as a new Mother, So much had changed, my sleep pattern, my body, my life as I knew it. With a baby in arms, I couldn’t walk up to my wardrobe and slip into my old life. The dresses didn’t fit my new role and that certainly isn’t fit my new body. I needed something new but that something new needed to be more casual than I was used to, it needed to be easy, comfy and fuss-free.

The Breton is that item.

Effortless french women pair them with tulle skirts. Supermodels can pull them off as evening wear and god damn it, I can wear one to the hell that is soft play.

Fuelled by coffee and punished with the brain fog that comes with a newborn, I found myself in Joules. The wooden floors and pretty displays were enough to remind me of my pre-kid life and it was here I found the third love of my life. The Harbour Jersey Top.


The love affair that started that day was passionate. The harbour was long enough for my far-too-long torso, it’s quality material gave me a shape but didn’t cling to all the parts I didn’t need to be reminded of and it made me feel like some part of me that I had lost touch with, was back again.

You see, we place a lot of importance on what we wear. We dress to feel good about ourselves, to look in the mirror and like what we see. I wanted that in early stage motherhood. I needed it more than ever and two years on I still do.

That top was the first item of my new uniform and it was the first of many. I branched out, stripes with bedazzled bits, stripes with goldy bits, stripes with florals. You name it, I’ve got it. But was I teetering on the edge of being stuck in a style rut?. In a word, No.

Some Mothers rock at being fashionable. I stare at their Instagram feeds and question where they get the idea’s, where they find the items and where the heck they find the time. I am in awe of them but I’m not like them. I’m more classic, I used to hate that phrase but now, as with many things that come to you in your thirties, I own it. I don’t spend my days in the city anymore, an adventurous day out always ends with a stroll along the quiet lane where we live. We spot cows and sheep, we say hello to the neighbors along the way. I need my fashion to be functional, practical but still, make me feel great.
I need a go-to uniform of wearable pieces that make it speedy to get dressed in the morning.


You see we Mothers need our uniforms, our armor against those relentless days that stretch out before us. We need the confidence to walk into mum – groups full of women we have never met, the chubby child faces we need to impress and the potential of a hot tea. And as much as it sucks to realise, we need practical items that wear and wash well (and often). We need variety, we need quality and we need value for money. For me, the harbour IS that item and two years on, the love affair continues.


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