Heinz Help a Busy Mother – No Added Sugar Hoops

Every mother feels their child is a wonderful, unique, precious Gem & they are, all of them. So let me tell you about mine.

At two Fred is…. Well, how can I say it? he’s strong willed. If Fred doesn’t want to do something, he won’t be doing it and as parents, we have resigned ourselves to that but we are busy. We are oh so busy. Aren’t you? So I’m going to be straight up with you, mealtimes can be stressful.

It’s fine for my partner. He’s a professional chef. He can grab 3 left overs from the fridge and make ANYTHING. I on the other hand, I’m a little bit more… well, I can make you anything you want on toast! So when Heinz recently sent Fred some of their no added sugar Hoops to try I knew I’d be working those cans into some mum/son meals.

You see Fred doesn’t like cereal. His Father has given him a hot, cooked breakfast since he could have solids and mornings with kids can be hectic so I’m not as good at watching the stove, watching the toddler and making sure we get ourselves out of the house on time but let me tell you, these Hoops made a hot breakfast a breeze.

heinz no added sugar hoopz

Fred munched down a portion of no added sugar Hoops with some toast and a bit of grated Caerphilly cheese and I managed to have a presentable face and outfit when I arrived at the office.

There is a great feeling that comes with giving your child a hearty breakfast. You feel like you’ve started the day on the right foot but these Hoops aren’t just restricted to your breakfast plates. A can of Hoops in the house makes a great staple for those nights when the cupboards are less than inspiring OR for those times when you’ve left it a little too late and you need to knock up a meal in minutes before your child turns into an extra from ‘Gremlins’. If this resonates with you, grab some Hoops!! You won’t regret it.

These Hoops have the same great tasting sauce that you remember but they use Stevia, a plant derived sweetener. Confession, I couldn’t tell the difference, these were just as I remembered from my childhood but as well as being out of the house on time, looking slightly human, I also had a little less guilt because I was giving him a better option!

So if you are after some cupboard staples that can get you out of a mealtime pinch morning, noon or night grab some Hoops from your local supermarket or grab a pack online. Find more information here.

** We were sent these products in order to provide an honest review but Fred would tell me if he hated them, he’s picky like that.

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