I’ve recently dropped meat… I know, I know. do not watch ‘What The Health’ on Netflix

But actually, I feel great. Upping my fruit and veg intake has given me more energy, I’m sleeping better and I feel less like a slug.

When I mentioned my good pal Rachida (Vegan Goddess, Vegan Blogger at The Green V online & Vegan business owner of TGV Luxe Subscription Box) Lot’s of you mentioned that you have also been interested in plant based eating. So here you can find a selection of Vegetarian and some Vegan meals that we have been trying at home.


Easy Slow Cooker Cooker Goodness



It’s Autumn people… Who doesn’t love a slow cooker? It means you can organize yourself early in the day and get your meal on the go. it also allows you to keep your costs for a full meal pretty low, which I always love AND, AND it makes your house smell delish so you feel like a domestic goddess. This article on Buzzfeed is great and I’ve tried the stuffed peppers. they were TASTY – Check it out HERE

Spinach Lasanga Rolls



Mine didn’t look as pretty as these that were made by The Girl Who Ate Everything

This was great for feeding the family though. Soft enough to keep a toddler interested, Tasty enough for the parents.

One Pot Spaghetti



I always think that pasta is an easy way to sneak a Vegetarian meal into a household so I’m really keen to try THIS. UI also love a one pot meal – who doesn’t?

If you want to check out this tasty treat – please click here to the original post on a gorgeous site called Family Food On the Table


Veggie Breakfasts


easy banana smoothie

This is probably no strange thing for you BUT I have a child who doesn’t really enjoy traditional breakfast foods (kind of a win as most are crammed full of sugar 0 but it means he and his dad enjoy a cooked breakfast most days. I’m not interested and always have a smoothie and the toddler quickly became a fan. I think it’s a great way to up your fruit and hide some sneaky veg. This is a super easy one that most kids would lap up. It’s from Marthas Baking Addiction & you can see the post here

Fajita Night



Chunky portobello mushrooms make an ace meat substitute, they add a tonne of texture to a meal so i’m really keen to try these fajita’s. Really kid friendly because they love foods they can deal with without utensils. There are more fabulous posts just like this over on The Garden Grazer where I found this post.

A Creamy Pasta



Some days you want something that feels indulgent. So in steps this beaut of a creamy garlic penne recipe. It looks divine. I found this on the Lil Luna website which has some utterly delicious recipes. I love that site so please head over and take a look. If you fancy trying this one out – just click here

If you fancy following more tasty Veggie meals make sure you are following our Pinterest board and I’ll be back with more next week!



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