I’m not a saver. I’ve strived my whole life to be financially independent, which to me meant ‘spending all my own money on whatever the heck I wanted’.

My school years BFF saved her pennies every week, in a bank, with like, interest rates and stuff. I, on the other hand, could most likely be found in the chart aisle at woolies buying a cassette single to go with my weekly stash of Astrobelts.

Over the years, things didn’t really improve and when I met James, the phrase “opposites attract’ was REALLY apparent in all aspects of our lives, personalities, and finances.

He cooks & I order in.

He cleans & I hired a cleaner.

He’s frugal & well, You get the picture.

Somewhere along the journey of life, his spendthrift ways started to rub off on me and I actually relish finding a bargain. I still spend, but I spend wisely and we now regularly complete on which one of us can do a weekly food shop for the least amount of cash.

Recently I was asked to test out a new website called Cardyard. It’s a nifty way to get rid of those vouchers you got for Christmas from your Aunty Maureen AND a real way to grab a bargain because you can purchase other peoples unwanted gift cards WITH A DISCOUNT! How cool is that?

The Cardyard website is clear and easy to use. You simply register and either enter in all the details of what you want to sell OR browse their available vouchers and see if any take your fancy.

save money for christmas

Now, I’m bringing this to your attention because Christmas is coming and along with Christmas comes Christmas parties, secret Santa’s and buying gifts for people who, let’s face it, you barely have the time to remember what interests them. Vouchers, no, Cardyard will be your friend.

When I browsed the site I was drawn over to M&S straight away. I mean, M&S can do no wrong in my eyes. You can practically get anything you want from there so always a safe bet to purchase an M&S Voucher. Buying the voucher through Cardyard means that I was purchasing the card at a discounted rate. So I popped a £50.00 gift card into my basket BUT with their inbuilt savings I was only going to be paying £42.50 – Saving me 15%, which I’m sure you can agree, if you are grabbing a few cards, you could really make some savings towards Christmas.

Luckily James doesn’t read my blog posts but I must tell you about his love affair. It’s not another woman we need to hunt down but with a certain high street store. Fat Face. We cannot pass a Fat Face in any town we visit. It has to be viewed for its collection of socks. Now if like me you were thinking that socks were socks and it doesn’t matter where they are from. Nope, You are as wrong as me. His socks HAVE TO BE from Fat Face. Nothing else will do and If you dare purchase them, you will find them in the bin over Easter weekend. I’ve given up. Fat Face socks make an appearance every special occasion. So imagine my delight at spying a Fat Face gift card available on the Cardyard site. The £30.00 gift card came with 15% off. So I paid £24.00 and saved £6.00 – That’s a pair of socks for free. He will be so proud when I tell him, actually. that will be the best Christmas present he could get.

Discounted Mens Christmas Gifts

With the two cards I purchased, one was mailed to me. I received a physical gift card through the post to my registered address within two days and my second card was an e-voucher. I received this by email within 48 hours and spent it online. Both had really long dates available to use as well so I felt no qualms about offering the card out as a gift.

I’m really not in the business of recommending businesses to you that I don’t think TOTALLY ROCK but Cardyard really does. The selection of gift cards available on the site is varied. You can grab restaurant vouchers, book or theatre tokens, airline gift cards and offers from well known high street stores. Their stock changes all the time so it’s worth signing up for their newsletter to keep up with what they have available.

With Christmas on the horizon, mouths to feed and gifts to buy I’d really recommend you try them out and see if you can make a saving too. Also, let’s not forget that Aunty Maureen might just buy you a gift card that you aren’t that sure about yourself, so instead of letting them gather dust in your ‘bits & bobs drawer’ remember that you can also use Cardyard to sell your own unwanted gift cards, making sure you can spend the money where you need to, instead of where you have to.

cardyard a review

To head over to the Cardyard site, just click here

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