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Top Tips for Nurturing Your Mental Health – The Guest Post

single parent network

It’s the closing day of Maternal Mental Health Awareness week and this subject is very close to my heart and a lot of other single mums. As a single parent you are twice as likely to be depressed than a mum in a coupled relationship. I had Post Natal Depression with both of my children, and I want other mums to know that they aren’t alone in their dark feelings and thoughts at this difficult time of having a new baby. I also think that you are the only person that can make yourself well again.

The feelings I had after my recent relationship breakdown of being lonely, isolated, not part of a ‘normal’ family and feeling heartbroken, were so overwhelming for me. But even more so was the stigma, self criticism and failure that I felt as a newly single parent. Eventually, I learned that my post natal depression was a ‘gift wrapped in sandpaper’ for me. As in 2016, with a need to prove that I wasn’t a failure, I, along with a fellow single mum, started a Social Enterprise for Single Parents with a focus on wellbeing called Single Parents Wales. I wanted to reach out to others and end the stigma, instead replacing this with love and compassion.

My top 5 for Mental Health Nurturing.

1) Peer Support.

The best thing for my mental health was to go out and find other people who were in a similar position to me, who truly understood what was in my head and heart. I could feel the judgement and stigma disappear because they were the same as me. Peer support and the power of a group and true empathy is astonishing, I witness it’s almighty ability all the time. It is so healing knowing that you can talk to someone and that you have someone to turn to. Sometimes not offering a solution, just simply understanding. I have met amazing and inspiring single parents that truly pulled me out of the dark hole that I was in. But more than that made me recognise what a super hero you are being a single parent. The feeling of not being alone and being part of a community gives me endless strength.

2) Me Time.


As a parent we all struggle to find time to have a wee, so the thought of ‘me time’ seems impossible. But what if I told you it reboots the brain and has lots of health benefits? It is inevitably a bit trickier for single parents to find this time, but once you work out the logistics or really embrace the importance of ‘me time’ it will be easier. It could be saying to the kids that you are having a cuppa for 5 minutes whilst they play, having a hot bath with candles when they are in bed, or making some time for a hobby or interest. You have to start seeing that you are just as important as your children, and that if you are in a strong resilient state of mind then the first people that will benefit is your children.

3) Your Thoughts vs Reality.

how to deal with overwhelm

The most poignant thing that someone pointed out to me was that my thoughts aren’t always true. When we are depressed, stressed, low in confidence and high in anxiety, our brains keep on at us about how useless we are, how our children deserve better and what a burden we are. Well these thoughts are not true, and if only we knew how more than enough we are, especially for our children, how enormously loved and missed we would be to our loved ones if we weren’t around, and how amazing we are for what we have been through and the strength, determination and kick arse ability we show on a day to day basis.

4)Not Letting Things Escalate.

It is so important to learn to master the tool of self regulating. This is about not letting your feelings, thoughts and anxieties get too far before you make a positive change. The longer that you leave things when you are feeling stressed and anxious the harder they will be to bring back. So it might be that you take the time to meet up with a friend, as you’ve noticed you are a bit snappier with the children, or you do some Mindfulness as the children’s dad is pushing your buttons. Rather than letting it escalate to the point where you are having to have time off sick from work as things have become too much. It’s about being emotionally intelligent and listening to ourselves. Being kind to ourselves and recognising that we are only human, so all of these things that we have to juggle without a partner means that we will get stressed, angry, anxious and upset. But it’s how we deal with this in the moment rather than letting it snowball.

5) What Works For You.

It might not be what works for you, works for me, and it seems that there isn’t a one size fits all, but it’s important to be armed with a massive resilience tool kit, with a hammer, spirit level, monkey wrench and three different screw drivers, to make sure that you can get to work maintaining and fixing your mental health. I find physical exercise works wonders for me personally. Which is why one of the first things we set up at Single Parents Wales was a ramble to promote exercise as a positive way to manage mental health. However, when the grey cloud descends this is the most difficult task for me. In this case I focus on just getting outside and going for a walk, as I know that this will make me feel better, and has a 100% success rate. I recently couldn’t shake my anxiety so got up and climbed a mountain, Pen-y- Fan in the Brecon Beacons, which I know sounds a bit extreme! I felt that I left my anxiety at the top and as I descended I couldn’t contain the smile and sense of achievement. For others it may be that talking things through to a friend, family or a professional helps. It might be ensuring that you are getting a healthy diet or making time to read or study. Whatever works for you, recognise that and make steps to do it often and make it a part of your life.

If you’re a single parents then why not join us? We hold social events, with and without the children. Including our popular rambles fortnightly. We also hold Wellbeing Workshops and Mindful Play and Art Therapy sessions.

single parent network


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Things That Keep Your CV Fresh – Working Mother Wednesday

study courses for mums

Last week we launched Working Mother Wednesday with a short post about available jobs and boy did it open a can of worms. I received so many emails from readers telling me about their working woes and one topic that came up, again and again, was ‘How you keep your CV interesting if you are taking time to be at home with your children’

Disclaimer – I do not get involved with the woking mums/full-time mums debate nonsense. Raising kids is hard however you are doing it and we should be PRO ‘other women’ and not trying to tear each other down for their choices.

So today, How can you keep your CV looking snazzy when you have been raising your kids and worry that it doesn’t translate well to your employment history.

The key is activity. I know it can be hard to get anything done when you have kids but YOU CAN. there is always a way. So check out my tips below.

Volunteer Your Time


If you are able to get out of the house and have someone else look after the children, volunteering for a few hours is a great option to consider. Charities are always crying out for help and whatever your previous employment history I can guarantee that you have some skills that you could lend to a charity.
It get’s you out of the house and interacting with adults and you can also network with new people and explore key activities and career areas that you may not have tried before.

Freelance from home

freelance jobs for mums

This fills a lot of people with terror but it is possible to grab the odd freelance gig similar to what you used to do pre-kids. You could provide admin services, take over a companies social media or act as a consultant. the freelancing economy is huge and sites like People Per Hour and Upwork are full of legit opportunities for you to keep your skills fresh and earn some cash.


Blogging Mums

Now, of course I’m gonna say this right but you can blog in many guises. It is entirely possible to make a good living from blogging. it’s not quick, it’s not easy but it’s there for the taking but aside from that, it’s also a great cathartic thing to do when you have very little time for you. You can go private or public but blogging does show that you have been doing something with your time and also offers a lot of transferable skills to the workplace. you can also start for free!


study courses for mums

Have you looked into freshening up your skills and taking a course locally or online? Depending on your situation you may be entitled to financial help towards the cost of gaining new training/qualifications. Lot’s of education facilities have childcare on offer and if leaving the house just isn’t going to happen you could look into the many courses available online that could help you freshen up your skills. Always check out the best level of accreditation for the area you are looking to work in. You don’t want to be wasting precious time/money if the qualification isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.


If you are looking the best ways to head back to the workplace you may be interested in the the amazing workbook I’m creating with Career Coach for Mums and super expert Gina Visram.

To be the first to get the workbook when it’s released make sure you are signed up to the list below

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No Faff Foods – 2nd May

This weeks no faff foods.


I love food and I love Pinterest so I thought a great way to combine the two was to highlight some amazing, family friendly foods that I pin each week on Pinterest for you to try.

I’m always after inspiration so I’m hoping this might give you some too. And also, I’m still trying to meal plan and I get most of my ideas on Pinterest.

If you are on Pinterest please do click here and follow me and you can find the boards and access all the pins.


So let’s dive into this weeks treats.

I’m not on a faddy diet but I do just like a smoothie. They are totally easy and I can get them into Fred without much fuss. The Chef just doesn’t get why you would want to drink your breakfast but hey, ho. You can’t please them all. This week I’ve meal planned some smoothies so I have been searching for some inspiration and these two looked great.





Because the chef & I both work from home we tend to eat properly at lunch time, sometimes we even have our main meal then. If I’m going to cook Lunch also tends to be the meal I’ll take on so I like super simple.

easy family chicken alfredo

Image Source – Julia’s Album

Looks so tasty and the weather’s been a little on the crap side – I’m typing this with soggy feet after just rescuing the washing from the hail- hello UK summertime.


Dinners. I love really simple, tasty dinners.


Easy Slimming World Meals

Looks hella tasty


Wanna bake.

I long to be a mother that’s organised enough to bake. It never happens. However, I do always feel like I’m on the hop and don’t have lovely tasty snacks for the boy. I also know that some of you are bloody goddesses in the kitchen so let’s get our bake on this week eh.


I want to devour these, NOW

Easy To Bake Cookies

Image Source Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

Or if you are a bit fancier you could try this from the queen, AKA Mary Berry

You just know it’s going to have that lush sugar crust and be delicious.



So those are my choices this week. They all look and sound lush. If you want to see what I get up to this week make sure you are following me on Instagram where I am generally a nerd and update my stories all the time. And if food is your thang be sure to hop here and follow me on Pinterest.

This Welsh Mother – My Week – 1st May

Where To Find Bluebells In Wales

It’s no secret to any of us that parenting is no walk in the park but after a week of sickness bugs I entered this new week pretty optimistically.

Fred was feeling better, I had ceased to smell like a fragrance best described as ‘Eau de Toddler Sick’ & the chef had actually got out of bed. I was on a high.

The lurgy had made work nigh on impossible so I had even scheduled a whole weeks worth of blog posts – strong work mamma, or so I thought.


Early in the week we did the whole insta-mama thang and headed to a forest full to the brim with bluebells. However, I forgot my snazzy camera and Fred, well, Fred was less than Instagram about the whole ordeal. It seems toddlers and trekking through woodland are not the ideal mix – who’d have thought it.







Organisation paid off though and I felt so much better being up to date with the whole blogging lark. I sold some ads for the website so can happily put the finishing touches to the first advert for a paid writer at This Welsh Mother this week, as I know I’ve got the funds to pay them for 4 months. Being able to start this process 8 weeks after launching the site makes me grin from ear to ear so If you are a mother, writer and can write in the medium of welsh language, watch out for our ad for paid work.

Welsh Language Writers Wanted

I had a ton of emails from you nominating your fave business Mothers – for Business Mother Monday which should hopefully start next week! And the whole topic of Mothers in business opened up the conversation about meet ups. So I’m gonna get raw and honest with you.

When we launched and I set out what I wanted to achieve with This Welsh Mother in the Manifesto, meet ups and in person get togethers were high on my list so I got brave and typed out that it was one of my intentions. Then, a little later and I surveyed you on the Facebook page LOADS of you responded and said that meet ups were what you wanted. Amazing, I thought. Yet, I did nothing about it.

Why is that?

Why are we always putting things off that we really want to do?

Well, for one thing. It’s scary as hell isn’t it? I’m not daunted by putting on an event. I’m scared as hell that I’ll do it and no one will come or worse, people will think ‘who the hell does she think she is putting on an event’ cos let’s be honest. I’ve taken some flack since launching this website. Yet despite all that it’s still there, tugging at my shirt and not leaving me alone so I know it’s somethong I need to do for you and I need to do for me.

So let’s sodding well do it. Look out for a post or survey this week that will hopefully help us get clearer on when and how we can hang out in real life.

So I hope your week was epic and that you have a great (shorter than usual) week ahead planned.

4 Top Ways To Make Money at Home

Since I started This Welsh Mother & as a by-product started documenting to you, how I spend my day’s, I have had a ton of direct messages and emails about business and making money. This makes me very happy because business & making money is TOTALLY my thing. I have been in business for eight years, I’ve trained as a Business Coach worked with some of the UK’s top financial organisations and coached a heck of a lot of women in the ways of making money online.

I know that you can make money from home because I do. You just need to start and starting is sometimes the hardest part. So today I want to share with 4 Top Ways To Make Money From Home.

  • Buy & sell like a boss

So first up, if you are really short of cash it’s good to have a think about the stuff you have, that you don’t really NEED. Selling your unwanted, unused goods frees up space and also frees up cash. I actually funded the launch of my first business and my first few months of trading by selling loads of my stuff to finance myself. There is no shame in it. I’m now a prolific seller if it’s not being used. I sell it.

Secondly, there is money in buying and selling if you do it right.

The amazing biz master Gary V, created this ace episode of his own show all about buying at car boot sales and re-selling on eBay if you apply some common sense and search out items that sell well you can turn a profit quite quickly. It helps to know what to look out for.

In my own experience kids clothes from certain shops will fly out, I have often sold items on eBay for more than I originally paid. Jeans are also another strange item. they sell really well in the second-hand market.

So think about your own passions and hobbies, do they lend themselves to selling items online. Are you a whizz when it comes to grabbing kids clothes or toys, do you love shabby chic interiors or have a hobby or sporting interest. Whatever it is I’m pretty sure you can find a way of buying low and selling so that you make a profit. It doesn’t always happen but it’s an easy low-cost way to get started.

  • Make it, make money

The market for ‘makers’ is booming. There has never been a better time to unleash your inner maker and start selling your stuff online. Whether you decide to sell your wares to friends and family on FB, in groups or set up an online store with Etsy or your own site there are plenty of people willing to pay for unique items of hand crafted goodness.

So if you have a talent why not turn that into a cash injection and start selling your goods. You never know where it could take you.

  • Get your freelance on

I know what you are thinking. What about if you have no great talent and you also don’t have any money to start buying and selling stuff. Well, my friends, if you have access to the internet & you have a computer/laptop you could start up as a freelancer in no time.

The gig economy is booming so why not take your skills online and offer them to other people as a freelancer.

Sites such as People Per Hour, Upwork & Fiverr are helping people get set up and start earning quickly. (These sites take a cut of your earnings but it’s a one stop shop that helps you find clients).

Once you know what it is you are offering, use that internet connection to start networking online, in facebook groups, twitter etc and go out and hunt down more work.

The key is knowing what you offer, what you charge and presenting it in a really simple and easy to understand way. You can also set yourself up a website FOR FREE on Wix.

  • Remote Working

Remote working means working for someone else, in an employed position but remotely, so you do not need to be in your employer’s premises.

This is big business in the USA and sadly not as widespread here but it is possible to find companies who employ remote workers.

My top tip would be to scour job sites online and use remote or home working in the search bar. Enterprise car rental employ home working agents as do many other larger companies. (Do not confuse a remote working position with many of the home working opportunities advertised online. It’s not the same thing. Remote working for a company means you are employed by them, you simply work from home)


So there we have it. Those are my 4 top tips for earning money from home. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started but trust me, you can do it. Try setting aside some time today to think about which of these options seems like something you could tackle and start thinking about ways that you can move forward and start earning some money from it.

If you are looking for employment opportunities, check out this week’s jobs postings to see if anything there is suitable.

Get your biz fix, become a This Welsh Mother Works member

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Working mother Wednesday – 26th April

jobs for mums wales

Hey Mother! Are you looking to step back into the world of work? Or maybe you are working but it’s just not working for you and you are on the hunt for something new. I know it can be really hard to find mum friendly jobs but it’s something I really hope to highlight here.

jobs for mums wales

Each Wednesday I am going to popping up the most parent-friendly jobs that I can find or that get sent in by our fabulous Welsh recruiters. At the moment I am only just starting to get recruiters on board so the jobs are just the result of me searching the huge cavern of the internet but you never know, they may be really useful for some of you.

Here is this week’s selection

mum friendly jobs in wales


Do you have some snazzy admin skills under your belt? Administration Officer – Part Time

Fancy some great on the job training? Customer service advisor – Banking – 20 hours


Can you chat and be an ace face of a cafe? Cafe Team Member 8 hours


Babies & Bounty Self Employed Bounty Representative


Tea? Coffee? Part Time Cafe Assistant


If you are in the market for a new job you might be interested in freshening up your CV. If so I’ve got you covered. I’ve been working on a mini workshop with the amazing career coach Gina Visram. She specialises in women returning to the workplace, so if you wanna grab our workbook that will help you jazz up your cv, please pop your email here and I’ll. get it sent straight out to you when it’s hot off the press. It’s gonna be a good one.


Make your CV work for you!

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T&C’s – In order to receive this freebie you will be added to both my own and Gina’s mailing list.

No Faff Foods – 25th April

easy baking with kids

I love food and I love Pinterest so I thought a great way to combine the two was to highlight some amazing, family friendly foods that I pin each week on Pinterest for you to try.

easy family meal plan

I’m always after inspiration so I’m hoping this might give you some too. And also, I’m sill trying to meal plan and I get most of my ideas on Pinterest.

If you are on Pinterest please do click here and follow me and you can find the boards and access all the pins.

easy baking with kids


So let’s dive into this week’s treats.

My toddler is not a breakfast person. It’s cos he’s up half the night but I know the importance of breakfast and I’m always looking for healthy, great starts to the day.

  • Healthy Lemon & Poppyseed Muffins

paleo sweet treats

Image Courtesy of Nourish Your Glow

I’ve only had one experience with coconut flour and it was bad, it was real bad but I really want to try these. I think I could get Fred interested in a morning muffin and these could be made up on a lazy Sunday. Probably good with an afternoon cuppa too.


Lunch times can get crazy. It’s the only time my young one likes to take a nap so we inevitably end up feeding him at 11 are 2.30ish so not ideal lunch time but this, this one interests me.

healthy family lunch


The avocado was Fred’s first food (nostalgic mama alert) and is a firm fave in this house, Feta I mean, Yum and I have actually made flatbreads before. I know, I know. Don’t fall off your chair, It was for a job ha ha.

Quick Flatbreads with Avocado & Feta.





Image Courtesy of Jamie Oliver


Dinners. I love really simple, tasty dinners. I have no time for faff. I don’t want 750000 ingredients but I want it to be tasty enough that my chef other half will eat it without giving me the eye… You know the eye right? It’s like the ‘hmmmm it’s ok but it could be better if you just ……) I hate the eye.

I love a slow cooker. Actually, I like any cooking that you can just leave so this one interested me.


easy one pot dinner

Image courtesy of Julies Treats & Eats – Click for a link to their amazing website packed full of tasty foods

I have seen versions of this that you pop in the oven and they don’t seem like the kind of ingredients that require long, slow cooking but that said something about it makes me know it’s gonna be tasty as heck. So I’m gonna try it. The sauce looks delish and I just know it’s gonna be tender and tasty.


Wanna bake?

I long to be a mother that’s organised enough to bake. It never happens. However, I do always feel like I’m on the hop and don’t have lovely tasty snacks for the boy. I also know that some of you are bloody goddesses in the kitchen so let’s get our bake on this week eh.


These are for me really, little involvement

no bake treat

Image courtesy of My Fussy Eater – who has a whole site you should check out for ace tips on feeding your little ones

Or if you are a bit fancier you could try this corker from Waitrose.

  • Rhubarb and custard traybake.

waitrose kids food

Image courtesy of Waitrose

You can get Rhubarb at the moment in the forced variety and I blinking well love the stuff. This would be so lush with a cuppa and you’d look like such a fancy pants if you invited someone over and casually dished it out like you are a cardigan wearing housewife from the 1950’s ..ha ha


So those are my choices this week. They all look and sound lush. If you want to see what I get up to this week make sure you are following me on Instagram where I am generally a nerd and update my stories all he time. And if food is your thang be sure to hot here and follow me on Pinterest.

Because Tuesdays are now ALL about food

We all love a bit of food, actually, I document my love/relationship for the good stuff all over this blog but we all love and need food don’t we? We want to put good meals on the table that our families love and your kids will actually eat. So each Tuesday we are gonna talk food.

We want to put good meals on the table that our families love and your kids will actually eat. So each Tuesday we are gonna talk food, tasty food.

I’m not gonna promise that I’ll have time to write recipes and take gorgeous food photo’s because let’s face it, I barely have time to cook but I am trying to rope my other half into making some food videos for us because he’s an ace chef!

I’m also going to be posting a weekly No Faff Foods post (You can read the first one here) which links to a great pinterest board full of tasty meals and snacks you can try out.

But I am going to put a call out for your favorite meals? If you have something that you love to eat, that your family lap up, why not tell us all about it? I’ll do the hard work for you and format that into a blog post but if you’ve got a photo of your dish I’ll love you forever.

At the end of each month, a person who has put their fave family food forward will win a foodie themed prize. How cool is that?

So if you fancy winning  yourself a little kitchen treat you best get your butt in gear and send in your fave food.

This months entries close on the 28th of may 2017 at midnight and 1 entry will be chosen at random to receive one of my favourite cook books – Deliciously Ella: Awesome Ingredients, incredible food that you and you body will love. RRP £20.00.

deliciously ella book win

To Enter – Simply send me an email all about your fave family recipe

Please include

1x photo of your dish (if you have one)

1x Photo or yourself

plus max 200 words on who you are and a bit about your family.

Email this to subject line – Family food


I will announce the winner on our Facebook Page on Monday 29th May so make sure you are a page liker you can do that here, and you need to get in touch with me withing 14 days of winning. I will post out second class UK post, royal mail within 7 days.


Introducing Business Mother Monday

working moms

I’m attempting to get organised with this blogging lark. I hold my hands up. It’s flipping difficult at times and that’s because I have two other businesses outside of this & a toddler. It’s no mean feat but I’m not here to whinge, I love it. However, I do want to get into a routine of getting stuff live on this site and also having features that you love to read so make way for Business Mother Monday.

inspirationals working mums

When I started the Instagram account for This Welsh Mother I suddenly started to find loads of amazing Welsh Businesses. They come in all shapes and sizes but I find them crazy interesting for two reasons.

For one. I just love business, it’s my specialist subject so I’m totally interested in what makes people go it alone. I love to see their passions and talents and I just love seeing how they manage it all.

Secondly, I want to support them. If I can buy from a ‘person’. I totally will. I think it’s great to support other businesses, I want to support Welsh Businesses and hell if another Mother is rocking a business, I want to be a part of keeping that going.

working moms

So that’s what Business Mother Monday is all about and I need your help. I’ve started messaging some of my Insa-biz-crushes to get them to feature and I’m asking them to recommend one of their faves too but if you know a business mother they can be little biz, medium biz or big biz (who cares) why not send me their name and I will hunt them down and get them to feature. We get to be nosey and take a peek into their business brain and also we get to know more about their amazing business.

If you would like to nominate someone, you don’t have to know them personally, it can be anyone you find inspiring/interesting, please just drop me an email – & put Business Mother Monday in the subject line.

The Week That Was – Sickness

this welsh mother
We were away from home this week. The chef whisked both myself and the little human up to Lincolnshire to visit his Mother. I love it but I don’t always love the drive from Wales, Particularly with a toddler who doesn’t enjoy being contained. However, we headed off on Easter Sunday and the drive passed without too much panic & hysteria (Thank You Netflix and the new download function)

joie carseat forward facing
We spent Easter Monday at the seaside in traditional British fashion. Our friends were visiting a nearby town so the two families merged for the day. We ate chips by the seaside in the bracing cold wind, played on the sand, in the arcades and caught the sand train home. Fred ate too many sugary treats but everyone was happy. Including the parents, because Grandma offered to babysit and we all headed out to a local Italian for an early dinner. There we were, four sleep deprived adults desperately sharing a bottle of Italian white wine while shoving bruschetta into our mouths faster than the speed of light. All was fine when we returned home.

best uk beaches with kids
On Tuesday, we pottered. A wander around Skegness while Fred slept. He never sleeps. When we returned to Grandmas house I relished the 5 minutes to myself while someone else took his coat off, found him a snack and 75 toys to play with – you know the deal.
“Can somebody help me?” came a terrified scream from the lounge. I ran down the bungalows corridor to be greeted by the small one screaming and Grandma, well, Grandma didn’t know what to do first, grab the child or clean the bright yellow sick from her beautiful woolen carpet.
The next few day’s passed in a blur. I announced that Fred was on water for the foreseeable, the horror on the other side of the families faces – they love to eat. I think they thought I’d starve him by not allowing him to eat copious easter bunny and quaver combos for a whole day. My suspicions were confirmed when after dinner that night the chef was also sick. A bug had hit.

There isn’t a lot you can do for a sick toddler other than holding them, so hold him I did. This resulted in every item of clothing I had packed getting hit by toddler vom. Even that new embroidered top I’d harped on about. I got myself dressed, I felt pretty good and boom. Covered.
We stayed an extra day up North. Thankfully I didn’t succumb to the bug. I’m not sure whether the body actually realises that you can’t succumb. As if it somehow knows you are needed to care for others so it will give you a break but it did just that. I managed to get them both in a cramped car and navigate the 5.5hour drive home on Thursday. The only casualty was the catering van. Our business has got very busy and we desperately need another unit for year 2. We found her and were supposed to detour via Derbyshire on our way home (no prizes for guessing that Derbyshire is NOT on the way back).
Everything gets’s put on hold when the sickness hits. You can’t ask people for help, you need containment and as a result, everything that we usually do went to the wall. Nothing was written, I had to manage the catering business alone, I even did ALL the cooking.
Day’s were split between juggling work and consoling the littlest member of the family. Nights were long, calpol filled and sticky. This is why parents need to wear superhero capes at all times. I don’t need to leave the house to work and I still barely survived the week. How working parents or lone parents do it I’ll never know. I guess you just step up to the plate. You suck it up and move forward.


I hope the sickness is now behind us. I’ve cleaned everything within an inch of its life and prayed to all gods who will listen. As I type this the late evening sun is streaming through the window and I just have a feeling that next week will be good, It’s like an internal sigh of relief but you never know eh. Until then I’ll keep my fingers crossed and enjoy the extra mummy cuddles.

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