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Heinz Help a Busy Mother – No Added Sugar Hoops

heinz no sugar hoopz

Every mother feels their child is a wonderful, unique, precious Gem & they are, all of them. So let me tell you about mine.

At two Fred is…. Well, how can I say it? he’s strong willed. If Fred doesn’t want to do something, he won’t be doing it and as parents, we have resigned ourselves to that but we are busy. We are oh so busy. Aren’t you? So I’m going to be straight up with you, mealtimes can be stressful.

It’s fine for my partner. He’s a professional chef. He can grab 3 left overs from the fridge and make ANYTHING. I on the other hand, I’m a little bit more… well, I can make you anything you want on toast! So when Heinz recently sent Fred some of their no added sugar Hoops to try I knew I’d be working those cans into some mum/son meals.

You see Fred doesn’t like cereal. His Father has given him a hot, cooked breakfast since he could have solids and mornings with kids can be hectic so I’m not as good at watching the stove, watching the toddler and making sure we get ourselves out of the house on time but let me tell you, these Hoops made a hot breakfast a breeze.

heinz no added sugar hoopz

Fred munched down a portion of no added sugar Hoops with some toast and a bit of grated Caerphilly cheese and I managed to have a presentable face and outfit when I arrived at the office.

There is a great feeling that comes with giving your child a hearty breakfast. You feel like you’ve started the day on the right foot but these Hoops aren’t just restricted to your breakfast plates. A can of Hoops in the house makes a great staple for those nights when the cupboards are less than inspiring OR for those times when you’ve left it a little too late and you need to knock up a meal in minutes before your child turns into an extra from ‘Gremlins’. If this resonates with you, grab some Hoops!! You won’t regret it.

These Hoops have the same great tasting sauce that you remember but they use Stevia, a plant derived sweetener. Confession, I couldn’t tell the difference, these were just as I remembered from my childhood but as well as being out of the house on time, looking slightly human, I also had a little less guilt because I was giving him a better option!

So if you are after some cupboard staples that can get you out of a mealtime pinch morning, noon or night grab some Hoops from your local supermarket or grab a pack online. Find more information here.

** We were sent these products in order to provide an honest review but Fred would tell me if he hated them, he’s picky like that.

No Faff Foods – 2nd May

This weeks no faff foods.


I love food and I love Pinterest so I thought a great way to combine the two was to highlight some amazing, family friendly foods that I pin each week on Pinterest for you to try.

I’m always after inspiration so I’m hoping this might give you some too. And also, I’m still trying to meal plan and I get most of my ideas on Pinterest.

If you are on Pinterest please do click here and follow me and you can find the boards and access all the pins.


So let’s dive into this weeks treats.

I’m not on a faddy diet but I do just like a smoothie. They are totally easy and I can get them into Fred without much fuss. The Chef just doesn’t get why you would want to drink your breakfast but hey, ho. You can’t please them all. This week I’ve meal planned some smoothies so I have been searching for some inspiration and these two looked great.





Because the chef & I both work from home we tend to eat properly at lunch time, sometimes we even have our main meal then. If I’m going to cook Lunch also tends to be the meal I’ll take on so I like super simple.

easy family chicken alfredo

Image Source – Julia’s Album

Looks so tasty and the weather’s been a little on the crap side – I’m typing this with soggy feet after just rescuing the washing from the hail- hello UK summertime.


Dinners. I love really simple, tasty dinners.


Easy Slimming World Meals

Looks hella tasty


Wanna bake.

I long to be a mother that’s organised enough to bake. It never happens. However, I do always feel like I’m on the hop and don’t have lovely tasty snacks for the boy. I also know that some of you are bloody goddesses in the kitchen so let’s get our bake on this week eh.


I want to devour these, NOW

Easy To Bake Cookies

Image Source Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

Or if you are a bit fancier you could try this from the queen, AKA Mary Berry

You just know it’s going to have that lush sugar crust and be delicious.



So those are my choices this week. They all look and sound lush. If you want to see what I get up to this week make sure you are following me on Instagram where I am generally a nerd and update my stories all the time. And if food is your thang be sure to hop here and follow me on Pinterest.

Monday Meal Plan- The Update

joining slimming world

It’s Monday and I’ve not posted the usual Slimming World weekly meal plan. You know why? I suck at Slimming World! Not entirely but I wrote last week about my struggles to stick with the healthy eating/meal prep regime and I’ve made a decision.


Week 1 – Easy Slimming World Menu Plan

easy family meal plan

So yesterday I posted about my hatred of the meal plan but fessed up to my major disorganisation and slightly expanding waistline. this week I’m biting the bullet and trying to attempt to take control of my eating. So this week I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and attempting a week of a family friendly, easy slimming world menu plan.


Meal Planning for the Spontaneous

easy family meal plan

The phrase ‘Meal Planning’ makes me sweat. It’s not the sheer amount of organisation that goes into it, it’s not even the thought of braving a supermarket with a wild toddler in tow. No, It’s just dull, isn’t it?

As I write this, it’s Saturday and I can tell you with certainty that I do not know what I want to eat for lunch on Thursday. I can plan it but chances are Thursday will roll around and I won’t want ‘Tuna salad wraps’. I’ll fancy a Sandwich instead. It’s my right, isn’t it? My last hurrah as a woman without so much as a teaspoon of spontaneity left? I do not want to plan my meals BUT I know it would help me if I did.

Let me explain. I embody ‘chaos’, really well. Like, I can make it an art form. I do not plan, I do not schedule. I am not ordered. All this worked pretty well when I wasn’t in charge of a small human being. Apparently small people need routine, all the books say so, as does the health visitor, parenting websites, forums and all the random Internet articles you can consume on ‘how not to mess up your child’ – Yes, I’ve checked. I’ve looked for one piece of reassurance that would tell me ‘It’s OK to fly by the seat of your pants Ceri. All the best parents do it’ – Apparently not. I am a non-baby-group-attending, books-hotels-at-last-minute, never-planning, odd-socks-wearing human. And up till now, it’s been fine. Up till now I have never, ever meal planned and now I am. I almost want to de-friend myself.

I do not cook. Ever. I can cook. I like cooking but I do not cook. The end. I live with a man that cooks. He doesn’t just cook, he’s a Pro. A Fancy-restaurant-cheffing, Been-on-MasterChef-professionals, award-winning, catering company owing chef. ‘Ahhhmayzing’ you are probably thinking to yourself but no. There is a downside and it is my waist.


Now I don’t talk weight, well not in the scales, clothes sizes kind of way. I’m all for self-confidence, feeling great in your body and a whole pantry full of self-love but I have to admit I was a little shocked when I realised I weigh what I weighed at 40 weeks pregnant! Except, I had the baby and he’s now nearly 2! There was no snapping back. there was no ‘weight dropping off while breastfeeding’ and I definitely didn’t settle into ANY kind of routine.

2 years of sleepless nights have not helped anything. I drag myself downstairs after a night of broken sleep, I regularly still go to the little one FOUR to SIX times per night. So I guess I do have a routine but it’s nothing like it should be. My routine is a vicious cycle of poor sleep, sugar – to make me feel human, no exercise – because I’m tired AND REPEAT.

I don’t feel good and the spontaneity I used to love now feels like I’m out of control. I need to take responsibility and the only way I can do that is by a) Planning what we are going to eat and b) Taking back some of the cooking (Note, I said some, Not all!).

I want to feel a little more organised. I don’t want to be feeding the little guy on the fly all the time AND I want to feel a lot more energised and I know the key to that is eating better. Small steps.

Now I know you probably didn’t come to this website for Pinterest worthy meal planning tips, so that’s a good thing but as with all writers/bloggers I am totally using this as a form of accountability. Tomorrow I shop and next week is ‘Meal Planning WEEK 1’.

I’ll be popping a post up tomorrow with some of the really simple meal ideas I’ve collected, so if you like that kind of thing look out for it and let me know in the comments what your own healthy ‘cook every week’ meals are.

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