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Under £20, Not Chocolate and all for Mama

Easter Treats For Mum

As Mothers, we can be pretty bad at giving ourselves a little treat so this week, super fashionable Emma is back with her top tips on what to snag for yourself to feel like a fashion mama – for no more than £20.


Ultimate Mum Accessories

An easy way to freshen up an outfit you have worn to death is to throw some colour at it.

I LOVE A STATEMENT NECKLACE and this little beauty ticks all my boxes. It’s bright, bold, chunky (aka small people are not going to snap it within 0.5 seconds of me putting it on).

The colour is bright, zesty and is going to liven up anything you wear with it.

A Winner

Chunky Necklace – £9.99


Cheap Gingham Top

Gingham is king/queen this season. It’s absolutely everywhere and if you want a really accessible way of wearing it this one looks magic. So the top itself is from Sainsbury’s TU Clothing Range. You can grab it online or when you are next popping in for a loaf of bread. I love this because it’s going to work with a pair of jeans and your trainers or you could really dress this one up and wear it for work or a night out, if you ever get one.

Womens Blue Gingham Frill Top £12.00



Embroidered Loafer

These shoes though, so cute.

These are from Peacocks and are priced at £16.00. They also come in black and will look great with jeans, skirts, The works.


Women’s Embroidery Flats £16.00


Summer Sandals Like Joules

Am I allowed to say this? I dunno, but there are some sandals just like this for Summer Season in Joules. these bad boys are from George at Asda and are £12.00. Grab them now for the next time the sun makes an appearance.

Leopard Print Sandals £12.00


Toddler Friendly HandbagNo matter what stage of parenting you are at, you kind of always have a ton of stuff to take with you SO if you haven’t utilised the rucksack trend yet, get on that bad boy!

Hands-free, stylish, practical, comfy, wonderful… what more can I say.

Primarni has a splendid selection including a rose gold number that I couldn’t find an image of. This one is gorgeous and simple and nine quid. Yep £9. It’s also available in a dusky pink if you want to go spring-like.


I’ll be back next week with another cheeky roundup and if there are any fashion dilemmas you are struggling with, be sure to ask them in the comments and I’ll tackle them in an upcoming post.

I’m a Mum & I Need to Work

working mums

Why would we be introducing a Work section? Work, we all do enough of that right? So let me explain.

I am a Worker Bee. I love work, I’m not crazy, I just learned really on that the by-product of work was money and I don’t mind telling you, I love money. No shame in that. Most importantly I love the freedom that money gives me.

You see not too long ago I didn’t have much money. I had a new baby, I was exhausted and thought I was failing as a Mother because I couldn’t go out and buy him all the things I thought he needed. I cried myself to sleep because I didn’t get him a really special present for his very first Christmas and I stopped going shopping because it made me angry & upset that I couldn’t buy the stuff I saw.

working mums


He’s almost two now and with some hindsight, I know he didn’t need a special Christmas present and he also didn’t need any of the ‘stuff’ I thought I had to buy him but I remember how it felt to have no money!

Struggling to get by didn’t make me feel good about myself. Having to ask my partner to do the food shop or give me money to take Fred to soft play made me feel like I had failed. I didn’t want to do it, so I hid at home where I didn’t need to pay for anything, where no one could see the change in me.

Luckily I realised that I needed to make a change. I too the time to focus on things that made me happy and I started to work again. I didn’t and don’t make tons of money and bath in it every day – far from it but I can buy myself some jeans, even if I never stray far from Primark these days. Work means that I can pay my bills. Work means that I can buy Fred that ball that I know he’s going to lose by 3 pm but that he so desperately wants. For me, work means traveling, being at home more and also being the person that I want to be, being something outside of this huge, all-encompassing Mothering role.

I recently popped onto the This Welsh Mother Facebook page and asked what kind of problems & pain points people had and I wasn’t totally surprised at the answers.

“How do I go back to work when I can’t afford the childcare”

“Budgeting -I’m totally crap with money”

“There is too much month at the end of my Money!”

“Getting a job that isn’t minimum wage”

“Starting a business from home but I don’t know how”

When I didn’t have work & things were tight, I was a different person. I was unhappy with me, I was unhappy with my relationship, I was unhappy with life. I’ve written all about my experience here if you’d like to learn more about my journey.

This is why I know we need to talk about work and that’s why I’m adding in a dedicated section called This Welsh Mother Works on the website.

parent friendly jobs

This Welsh Mother Works is for all Women. It’s for you if you are a stay at home mum, a part time working mum, a full time working mum, a student, a business owner or someone with a burning business idea.

This Welsh Mother Works will talk to inspiring women, teach you practical finance skills and talk about the things we need to talk about.

It will showcase parent-friendly jobs, talk about working Mum issues and help you up your game if heading back to work or improving your job is what you would like to do. I’m also going to talk business because I personally feel that Mothers make excellent business women so if you have a burning desire to go it alone and work for yourself, look out for me talking about my journey and sharing my hints and tips.

I am passionate about work & I hope that This Welsh Mother Works will allow you to achieve all of your passions too.

Keep checking the dedicated area on this site for more information, posts & meet ups.

Never Alone but Always Lonely

lonely parent

Next week I’m writing on the blog about my jaunty first year of motherhood. I didn’t suffer with PND but it took me a long time to settle into this new thing, like well over a year. I felt lost. A little crazy and I longed for my old work routine. Now i’m used to my new normal but I think it’s important to share these realistic expressions of Motherhood so we can stop forcing ‘perfection’ on ourselves and feel like human beings. With that in mind I totally nodded along to this post that Ruth from Real Life Mummy write on her blog which you can read here.


Things to do with kids in Monmouth

things to do with kids monmouth

If you find yourself in Monmouth you may be wondering how to occupy your time so we’ve put together a list of things to do with kids in Monmouth to take the leg work out of it hopefully let you enjoy your trip to this historic market town.

Monmouth is a Welsh border market town best known as the birthplace of Henry V. The town has some amazing historical sites to busy yourself and the kids with if they are of an age to enjoy it.

Monmouth Town Centre
The town centre stretches along one main high street, wide in nature with a nice mix of high street and local small business stores. Step down a side street and find smaller local cafes, cobbled streets, and architecture full of character. Parking is available but gets’s very busy.


Monow Bridge & Gate
If you are in the town centre you can’t miss Monow bridge. it’s a 13th century stone gated bridge, one of only three of its kind left in Europe (something to tell your teachers on return home)

Shire Hall
Seriously gorgeous building right on the mains street in Monmouth. Tucked away inside you will find a museum to occupy you. Shire hall was built in the 16th century on the site of an Elizabethan market hall. The staff here are very knowledgeable and friendly. they also hold outdoor and evening markets here too.


Monmouth Sports Centre
If you need to head indoors for a few hours it’s worth checking out Monmouth sports centre where you can swim to your heart’s content. They also offer classes suitable for children outside of school time so do check their website for more details.

If you are heading to Monmouth with kids there is plenty to occupy your time. Pushchairs at the ready for the younger ones if you fancy a good walk. Eating drinking options are plentiful and suit all budgets and the scenery is beautiful so soak it all in while you walk around.
Are you from Monmouth? Do you know any things o do with kids that we are missing from this page? Please let us know here



Things to do with kids in Abergavenny

things to do with kids abergavenny

I love this town so I am always looking for things to do with kids in Abergavenny. It is such a gorgeous place to walk around but if your kids are anything like mine, a quiet stroll doesn’t tend to keep them quiet so I wanted to put together a few family activities you can enjoy if you have kids in tow.


Abergavenny Castle & Museum.
This is a new one on me. In all the years I have lived here and visited Abergavenny I am ashamed to say I’ve never visited the castle. I was reading a great blog post on Abergavenny Kids this weekend (a great site for more info on the area) and this was listed as an activity so I wrapped up the little one and we headed off.
This is located in the heart of Abergavenny with a large local authority (aka pretty cheap) carpark next to it. We visited on a Sunday when parking was free.
The castle itself is lovely for exploring. we had fun dancing around the trees complete with knitted covers and exploring the garden area with willow features.
It is free to have a wander round and we passed nearly two hours playing – very worthwhile.


The Tithe Barn at St Mary’s
Fancy a tour round an almost 900-year-old barn. This is great if you have older kids who may love a little ‘horrible histories’. Entry to the gorgeous barn is free but you can make a gratefully received donation towards upkeep and then follow off all that history with a memorable snack at the cafe area. home of truly gorgeous cake – trust me. I also always feel a million miles away from a busy market town here so it makes a nice gentle stop. They’ve always been very accommodating to myself and my pram.

I guess it was kind of a big deal last year. All of my friends seemed to be after the nearest ‘cache’ but if you’ve got kiddies and this is unknown to you – look it up. Geocaching is like a big treasure hunt, only via and app and with the use of GPRS. You are shown the locations of various bits of treasure in your area and I personally know that Abergavenny has a few good finds. I’ve hunted with the baby in his buggy, it passes time and you feel like you are in a secret club.

things-to-do-with-kids-in-abergavennyLinda Vista Gardens
Right in the heart of the town centre is a small parcel of calm. Linda Vista Gardens. I stumbled across this site when parking for the Post Office on a hot summers day and somehow ended up with a book, an ice cream and a few hours stretching out in front of me – Bliss. The gardens are really well laid out and they have some gorgeous plants to look at year round. if you are looking for a safe clean spot to walk with kids, Linda Vista is perfect.

things-to-do-with-kids-monmouthAbergavenny Sports Centre.
The town of Abergavenny has quite a large sports centre if you have a few hours that need filling. The have a good sized pool to make use of and fun activities scheduled throughout the school holidays.

things-to-do-with-kids-in-abergavennyMarket Hall & Town Centre
Abergavenny is a small market town. it’s pretty enough to wander around and see what you happen to stumble across. a section of the town centre is pedestrianised and parking is plentiful. Abergavenny market hall is worth a visit. It drags me back to my childhood in Mid-Wales in an instant. The building itself is gorgeous and whatever day you happen to stumble in there you will find something, from a lady selling homemade pickles to a full on flea market.

So those are just a few things to do with kids in Abergavenny. The town itself is pretty small with lots to do in the surrounding areas also. Abergavenny has lots to offer the family and the views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular.

Have you visited or do you live in Abergavenny? We’d love to hear what you think we are missing on this list. Please do let us know here.

Things to do with kids in Cwmbran

things to do with kids in cwmbran

There are plenty of things to do with kids in Cwmbran. If you live near to Cwmbran or just fancy a day out in the Cwmbran area as a family, try some of these to keep your little ones entertained and enjoy some time out of the house.

Soft Play

If soft play is your thing then you have options in the Cwmbran area. We personally head to Cheeky Monkeys a play centre just outside of Cwmbran centre. It has a toddler area, hold various classes which you can find on their Facebook group and I’ve enjoyed many a hot cup of coffee here in peace. If you have older kids there is a zorbing balls area, laser tag and a lovely outdoor pool lido for the summer months. Prices vary and can be found on their website but it’s one of the cheapest soft plays I’ve visited in the area and the staff are always lovely.

New to Cwmbran is Lauleighs but this is located within the Cwmbran shopping centre so great if you don’t have a car or need to do some bits & bobs in town. Laugleighs is new and as yet they have not taken delivery of their soft play items but they are expected any day now. We’ve visited once and the staff were so friendly and helpful. You can check out their Facebook page here. They are a new business who are going out of their way to try and give parents exactly what they need in the area with different classes, lovely clean facilities and the option to leave older children in their creche facility while you get some much-needed time to yourself. If you are in the area please check them out – Oh and if you are shopping with kids they have amazing kiddie carts you can hire to make the experience much more pleasurable.


Looking for things to do with kids in Cwmbran but the outdoors is much more your thing you should head up to Greenmeadow community farm. It’s located just outside Cwmbran but is a lovely day out with your little ones. If you have a baby or toddler you should head there on Tuesday when they have scheduled classes throughout the day and they even offer you a sneaky incentive to get a cake from the cute cafe area. Classes vary week to week so it’s best to check their website or Facebook page for costs.

On dry days a trip to the boating lake is worthwhile. Cwmbran boating lake has a lot to offer children of all ages. You will find a large well kept play area, including climbing frames, swings & slides. the play equipment is perfect for all ages. If you fancy taking a picnic there are plenty of spots to grab a bench and settle down for half an hour. In summer months there is an on site cafe open or the tearoom at the old manor house is lovely and just a short walk.

You will find enough space to stretch your legs on a nice walk and bikes are allowed to, which can be great away from all the traffic. If all else fails – feed the ducks, guaranteed to entertain even the grouchiest toddler. Open all year round, closes at dusk

Indoor fun

If you possess a child that will sit long enough you could try a trip to Cwmbran cinema. Located just outside the main shopping area so it’s near to all the main parking points. The cinema is part of the Vue chain you can get more information about their showings and prices here.

Lollypops and ladybirds is a lovely family day out in Cwmbran’s. Located in the town centre you are really close to public transport and all the free car parking. They offer pottery painting and some great toddler classes. The business also offers keepsake items such as hand and footprints, fingerprint jewelry etc which I believe is arranged by appointment. You can check their website here or just click through to their facebook page.

If you haven’t got your indoor play fix you could head to The Ark Play Centre at Victory Church. They hold a lovely session on a Tuesday morning but check their Facebook page for full information and opening hours. This is a really well-stocked centre and they always seem to be putting on lovely things for the kids to take part tin so definitely worth a visit.

Bowlplex in Cwmbran is a good trip out if your kids are slightly older and you want to burn off some energy. they have some great family & kids deals on their website which you can find here.

There is a great mix of indoor and outdoor activities on our list of things to do with kids in Cwmbran. Some hidden gems that we are yet to discover here at This Welsh Mother but we are desperately trying to tick them off our list. We love Cwmbran for it’s easy to get around nature, the free parking in the town centre is always a winner and it’s public transport links with both trains and buses are really useful. the shopping area is mainly under cover and offers most of the main stores you would be looking for. What do you get up to in Cwmbran? if you have anything we should be doing or that is missing from our list we’d love to hear about it – get in touch and let us know.

Yoga for Babies in South Wales

yoga for babies wales

Are you looking for information on yoga for babies in South Wales? You’ve come to the right place my friend. There are many benefits in Yoga for babies so let’s touch on them before giving you the details of some classes in the South Wales are that you and your little one can check out.


Why take your baby to yoga?


Baby yoga involves both mum and baby movement which is beneficial for you both. guided movement is said to stimulate muscle and nerve development. We’ve all been told that babies need to spend time on their tummies to improve upper body and neck strength – hence all that fuss about tummy time.

Yoga is also a form of self-massage and when we stimulate certain points we can slow down production of stress hormones and I think we can all agree a less stressed mum and baby can’t be a bad thing.

Of course, we need to take care, little people have to go slow with their movements. Slow and gentle. However with some care of soft spots and some guidance from professionals baby yoga can be great for mum and baby.

Firstly it’s going to get you out of the house and at any stage of motherhood that can be a blessing. However getting out with a child can also come with a change bag full of stress so heading to the blissful environment of baby yoga, that’s got to be easier than the supermarket run.

Secondly, if you head to a baby yoga class in South Wales you are going to meet so like-minded local mums. They will be in exactly the same position as you and it’s always great to meet some more people who ‘get’ the stage of life you are at.

Thirdly, go need a bit you ‘you’ time. Even if you have to take a baby with you. Yoga and breathing will leave you feeling calmer and may even help you connect on a deeper level with your child.

I’ve scoured the net to find a variety of listings for baby yoga in South wales so click through to the following link to find the most up to date information on classes.

  • The British Wheel of Yoga lists classes across the country here
  • Find listings for classes in Newport & Cardiff on the Netmums Website here
  • Om Yoga Studio in Cardiff runs Mum & Baby classes as well as Pregnancy Yoga here
  • All4KidsUK list classes across South Wales here
  • Birthlight Yoga list classes across the country here

I hope this gives you a chance to find a baby yoga class in South Wales which is near to you and your family. If you happen to know details of a class that is not featured in this list please feel free to contact us and let us know. Anyway mama, enough from me, I hope Yoga leave you and your little one feeling relaxed and stress-free.

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