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Fashion On The Food Shop – That 70’s Trend


I’m not fashionable but I do like clothes. I’m gonna be honest, I googled ‘autumn/winter trends 2017’ in order to write this post. Part of me thinks ‘clothes don’t matter’ and then I also know that I feel like I’m handling life ‘Like A Boss’ if I’m feeling good about what I look like right? BUT and it’s a big BUT, Confession – I barely have time to shop.

I feel guilty about spending a lot of money on myself and I’m totally more Primark than Prada. I love supermarkets. Because that’s the only place I go these days. I wanna look good but I also don’t want to spend a fortune on something I wear 4 times! So I’m doing fashion on the food shop. Clothes I think are trendy and fashion forward but easy to get and easy to afford. That’s my kind of fashion. So here’s today’s round up and It’s all about the seventies.

The seventies were heavily covered by all the major designers for this season and you can tell that by the way it’s filtered into your local store. This trend is perfect for autumn/winter – the fabrics like cord and flurry shearling lend themselves well to the cooler weather and the colour palette of mustard, camels, and rich jewel tones will last you well for many autumns to come. I personally think the seventies trend works across all body types (hurrah!) Here are my favourite picks that you can grab right now on your food shop or online.

The Wear More Than Once Blouse


If you want an easy way to up your fashion game. Here it is. This pussy-bow blouse is ina perfect 70’s print and can be worn in multiple ways. Go casual with your fave pair of jeans. Pair it with a pencil or a-line skirt for a dressier or work option – OR go all out and pop this beauty under a pinafore or shift dress. It’s priced at £18.00 from the Tu range Sainsbury’s – Grab yours here


The Easy Going Dress



The perfect print – The perfect colour – The perfect fit and all for £16.00.

I love dresses. It’s an outfit all in one and this beauty is under £20.00. Pair it with tights and boots or your work wear shoe and you are going to be good to go. This trapeze style dress is also really flattering on ALL bodies. This is also from Sainsbury’s Tu range who are rocking the 70’s game. Grab yours here

Embroidery LOVE


This is a great little embroidered number that really hits that 70’s vibe. If you really want to go for the trend this would look like perfection with a faux fur gilet or chunky shearling jacket and some boots. Equally, this is an easy way to dip your toe into the trend and pair with some nice warm tights. This is from George at Asda and is £25.00. Grab yours here


A Multi-Tasking Pinafore


You know mum’s have fallen for the dungaree in a BIG way right? I kinda feel the same about a pinafore. this is SO wearable and I love the look with a roll neck underneath. However, I’m personally a little busty and can imagine this making me look a bit like an ‘egg’ so I may have to leave this for you. It’s gorgeous though and priced at £16.00 from George at Asda. Get it here

This Seasons Coat


Look at this gem! I love a fashionable coat but you really don’t want to pay that much for one. If you think the same, run to Asda. Run. This coat comes in this textured, check blue option and also a plain mustard yellow. it’s priced at £35.00 and will last you ALL of Autumn/Winter. Have a gander here


So that’s our roundup of 70’s inspired trends for Autumn/Winter 2017 that you can grab on your food shop. I hope some of it has tickled your fashion fancy and remember, we want to see what you are weather so post your best, unfiltered, real life shiz over on our Facebook Page or on Insta using #thiswelshmotherwears.






Fashion Fix – New Look

I have loved New Look since I was a teen. It has everything, doesn’t it? It’s fashionable, affordable but you can be sure to grab some classics there that you know you live in, jeans, leggings, that kind of thing.

It’s also a guaranteed place where I can buy shoes that don’t rub. ** Random, but true.

New look is also a store that you can find on A LOT of small town high streets and also Online so, y’know, I’m guessing you might love it as much as me. So enough of the chatter and let’s get down to this weeks top fashion picks.

The Embroidered Dress


It’s pretty, oh so pretty. it’s embroidered, who doesn’t want that? AND it’s gonna take you into autumn/winter territory. This little beauty is priced at £34.99 and you can grab one here. You’re welcome.




I am LOVING this red, SISTERHOOD jumper in the Curves Selection (sizes 18-30). I’m a huge fan of a slogan tee and they don’t seem to be dropping off the fashion radar so if you fancy wearing your feelings right where people can see them, this is one for you. It’s priced at £22.99 and you can grab one here

The Jacket


The weather has been causing me problems this past week or so. I leave the house in the morning dressed for one season and by 10 am I’m regretting it. I *almost* put the central heating on last week but slapped myself across the face (and wore two jumpers) before turning that dial. I need a light jacket. Something that’s stylish but can keep the cool breeze off if the weather turns.

I’m thinking this Duster Jacket might fit the bill and it’s reasonably priced at £34.99

duster coat


The Earring Must Have


Tassels have been a HUGE thing this year. All the mags featured a pair of earrings from H&M and the world and his wife went into overdrive. I’ve still yet to see a pair in store – However, these New Look beauties are VERY similar and would really jazz up an outfit. Priced at £7.99 they come in multiple colours.


Flat & Fancy


I can’t remember the last time I wore a heel if I’m truthful. Flats are comfy and hell they are practical when you are tearing around after a kid or 4. This snazzy pair tick A LOT of my boxes. Flat. Velvet. Detailed. Reasonably Priced. Boom!

velvet flat shoes

Those are my top picks for this week from New Look. Do let me know what you think and if you’ve seen any banging and bargainous fashion that we should be telling other Welsh mothers about pop all the details in the comments below.

Under £20, Not Chocolate and all for Mama

Easter Treats For Mum

As Mothers, we can be pretty bad at giving ourselves a little treat so this week, super fashionable Emma is back with her top tips on what to snag for yourself to feel like a fashion mama – for no more than £20.


Ultimate Mum Accessories

An easy way to freshen up an outfit you have worn to death is to throw some colour at it.

I LOVE A STATEMENT NECKLACE and this little beauty ticks all my boxes. It’s bright, bold, chunky (aka small people are not going to snap it within 0.5 seconds of me putting it on).

The colour is bright, zesty and is going to liven up anything you wear with it.

A Winner

Chunky Necklace – £9.99


Cheap Gingham Top

Gingham is king/queen this season. It’s absolutely everywhere and if you want a really accessible way of wearing it this one looks magic. So the top itself is from Sainsbury’s TU Clothing Range. You can grab it online or when you are next popping in for a loaf of bread. I love this because it’s going to work with a pair of jeans and your trainers or you could really dress this one up and wear it for work or a night out, if you ever get one.

Womens Blue Gingham Frill Top £12.00



Embroidered Loafer

These shoes though, so cute.

These are from Peacocks and are priced at £16.00. They also come in black and will look great with jeans, skirts, The works.


Women’s Embroidery Flats £16.00


Summer Sandals Like Joules

Am I allowed to say this? I dunno, but there are some sandals just like this for Summer Season in Joules. these bad boys are from George at Asda and are £12.00. Grab them now for the next time the sun makes an appearance.

Leopard Print Sandals £12.00


Toddler Friendly HandbagNo matter what stage of parenting you are at, you kind of always have a ton of stuff to take with you SO if you haven’t utilised the rucksack trend yet, get on that bad boy!

Hands-free, stylish, practical, comfy, wonderful… what more can I say.

Primarni has a splendid selection including a rose gold number that I couldn’t find an image of. This one is gorgeous and simple and nine quid. Yep £9. It’s also available in a dusky pink if you want to go spring-like.


I’ll be back next week with another cheeky roundup and if there are any fashion dilemmas you are struggling with, be sure to ask them in the comments and I’ll tackle them in an upcoming post.

Snazzy, Striped Mum-Tops That Won’t Steal All Your Spends

I love a Breton stripe. A striped top is a key part of my Mum wardrobe. I’m all the ‘cliches’ over here. So last week I headed into a very well known high street store and I browsed their countryside chic clothes like I’ve done a million times before.

I admired their gorgeous wellies, the smart jackets and I ‘ooohed and ahhhed’ over the flipping wooden floor. I’m a sucker for a brand experience. Anyway. I grabbed two snazzy, striped, Mum tops and I was considering heading for the checkout when my Mum-sense kicked in.

Why in gods name are you spending £70 on two striped tops

Let’s just work this out

£70.00 is….

Getting my hair done

Paying for my manicure girl to come to the house THREE TIMES

TEN BOTTLES OF COSTCO PROSECCO (Yeah, I go to Costco & I love it)

Now, I love this store. I love a striped top but I just couldn’t justify it. I just couldn’t spend all that money on two flipping tops.

Since then I’ve been on a mission, If you, like me, worship at the altar of Breton Tee’s, you need to check out this selection. I have trawled the internet to find you snazzy, striped mum-tops that won’t steal all your spends. Here are my faves.



I buy almost all of my clothes at supermarkets. I feel no shame in this statement anymore. For one thing, it’s flipping hard to take a kid shopping, I just don’t do it. so if I get the chance to go anywhere alone, highly likely it’s the supermarket. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky I’ll tell James I’m popping to Sainsbury’s in Newport and I will browse the homeware and clothes for at least 30-uninterupted minutes buying absolutely nothing for myself but feeling like I’ve just visited Chanel. I’m easily pleased.

Sainsbury’s have some beautiful clothes though. They even have Gok Wan, I mean, come on. It’s Gok Wan. Anyway. Turns out you can buy Sainsos garments online and they’ve got a nifty line in striped Mum-tops that are under a TENNER.

affordable breton top

Tu  White Slash Top £9.00            Tu Stripe Floral T-Shirt £5.00


Sticking with the supermarket and heading to Asda, again you can order their George range online and I found some great items there. I’ve actually ordered the bell sleeve stripe top already!

cheap stripe tops

Striped Bell Sleeve Top  £10.00

La Redoute

I haven’t thought about La Redoute for years! My Mum used to get their catalogue when I was a teen but if anyone can rock a great stripe, it’s the French. This is pricier but it’s a more heavyweight top so perfect for when you want something more like a sweater but still a little more fitted and leaving you looking a little less like you are off to the gym than an actual jumper would.

breton top

Striped Heavyweight cotton t-shirt £19.00


I’m guilty of forgetting to look in Matalan but whenever I do they seem to have the most amazing home stuff. Also, it seems they love a blinking mum-top. I’ve included a shirt because a) I love a shirt and b) In the shop I am NOT mentioning that is snazzy, I saw a shirt just like this, so y’know. Snap it up.

striped tops like joules


Breton Stripe T-shirt £7.00       Long Sleeve Stripe Shirt £14.00

New Look

When New Look finally arrived into the town where I grew up, I felt like I’d won the lottery. Ever since then I can’t go past one without a look inside. I don’t care how snazzy, snobby you wanna be, New Look is almost always guaranteed to have something for you and it’s one of the only places I can buy shoes without trying them on (random claim to fame for them there).

cheap stripy tops


Wide Strip Wide Sleeve Sweater £17.99  White Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Top  £8.99

I always worry that I look a bit ‘samey’. I worryI’mm not trendy enough, that I’m just not fashionable but let’s face it ladies, most day’s I just want to get up, shove something on and look and feel OK all day.

I want to be comfy but still look presentable, I want to know I can crawl round after the hyper toddler and not worry about getting my top messed up, caught in something or bodily part flopping out. I like having my Mum wardrobe, I’m not gonna apologise for it anymore. It’s me & that’s OK.

Oh and p.s – you can order all these things on your phone, without leaving the house or trying to force a child to sit in a trolley/pushchair or not run under aisles of clothes – Hi 5 to that… XXX